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Imaging Service Advantages

Lenovo Services – Imaging ServicesHow you provision your PCs will determine whether you get the results you expect from your investment. The preparation, planning and deployment of PC systems are time intensive and cost prohibitive. In fact, Gartner1 estimates organizations can spend as much as $300/system to manually image, load, and configure each new PC. Lenovo’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions offers the perfect balance of efficiency and performance, shifting expensive, labor-intensive desk side services to an automated process leveraging industry best-practices.

With Lenovo Image Design Services you get direct access to Lenovo engineering expertise. We provide a customized image based on the needs of your organization, maximizing your hardware investment and saving significantly over the life of your systems. We can also load your corporate image during the manufacturing process.

Lenovo Is The Industry Leader

  • •  Established in 1996
  • •  Technicians/Engineers have combined over 200 years of imaging experience
  • •  Over 8,000,000 custom images deployed to over 3,000 customers
  • •  ISO 9001 certified
  • •  Worldwide coverage
  • •  Custom image process standardized globally

Imaging Capabilities


Create custom image - We will consult with you to define your imaging needs. Then we will build a custom image that consists of language, operating system and your company's applications.



Add additional device driver - If you would like to add additional device options to a standard preload, we will add the device drivers that you specify and validate compatibility. As a result, your image will be ready to work with your hardware configuration.



Modify or migrate customer-supplied image - After consulting with you, we will make the required changes to your existing custom image. We will identify and fix problems that we find in the image and advise you accordingly.



Verification of customer-supplied image - Consists of consultation and test plan development. After we test your image, we send you a comprehensive report of any errors in your image and include solution documentation. After you make changes, Lenovo will revalidate your new image.



Image prep for manufacturing - Before loading your image, we will ensure that it boots correctly, is virus free, that no obvious image errors are present and prepare for manufacturing.



Discontinued hardware imaging - As customers extend the life of their hardware, Lenovo can create an image to utilize legacy hardware with a company's current Operating System and Software standards. We can build, migrate/modify and verify images for seamless integration of new and existing hardware and reduce variables that can increase support costs. The customer may be required to provide some hardware for testing.



Onsite Engineer for Standard Imaging - It is now possible to have a Lenovo Imaging engineer perform any of the above services at the customer's location rather than at Lenovo. Onsite engineer service is currently only available in the US.


Advanced Deployment

An automated installation wizard intuitively automates the PC deployment process from within the image.

The Problem:

After an image is restored to a system, a great deal of time is spent to configure and deploy the image to all end user systems, including domain assignment, user specific application installation, user data migration, etc.

The Solution:

ADS fully automates the image deployment processes so technician’s touch time is reduced to a few minutes or to zero.

With ADS, the PC deployment process is automated by way of a simple-to-use interface. All the user has to do is power on the system and answer a few simple, menu-driven questions. This will kick off the personalization of the PC to match the user’s needs. ADS allows different departments within an organization to consolidate their configurations into a single ADS package that can be applied to any image. Examples of custom image configurations include location/geography, job function and language.

Estimated cost to image a single
PC using the old technology
Cost to image a single PC using ADS


Loading the image - 30 minutes



Cost of ADS Development - $10/PC



Configuring the PC - 1 hour



Cost to load ADS onto each PC - $25



Migrating data - 1 hour



TOTAL: $25 x 1,000 PCs = $35,000


TOTAL: 2.5 hours; $125 x 1,000 PCs = $125,000

(A deployment scenario for a 1,000 unit purchase, assuming an IT technician makes $50 per hour.)

We are here to help. Call and speak with your Lenovo representative.

  1. 1  "Toolkit, the Cost to Migrate Windows 7", Gartner, October 16, 2009 #G00171501 *Lenovo has Imaging Centers in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina; Yamato Japan; Shenzhen, China and Bratislava, Slovakia. These centers provide custom image creation, management, compatibility testing and other services.

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