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Lenovo Services for Large Enterprise"Office warriors" demand more than ever from their computers and put them to the test as they move between cubicles, floors, buildings, or home. With that comes the need for an IT solution that not only includes hardware, but a comprehensive portfolio of services to support the full life cycle of your IT assets and the varying needs of large enterprises.

Why Lenovo?

  • •  No one knows our products like we do. The best products deserve the best service.
  • •  Certified Lenovo technicians use Lenovo Qualified parts for the highest quality repairs.
  • •  Our global network of regional support centers offers consistent, local-language support to your organization and employees, wherever they are.


Warranty Extensions & Upgrades

Warranty Extension1

Provide a fixed-term, fixed-cost service solution that enables accurate budgeting for equipment expenses. Match your warranty coverage to your PC refresh cycles.


Warranty Upgrades

Upgrade to Onsite service; convenience of parts and labor provided onsite at your place of business


International Warranty Service2

PC repair coverage is available for customers who require a critical warranty repair while traveling internationally.


Learn more about Lenovo Warranty services

Sealed Battery Warranty

Will save you significantly relative to the cost of uncovered replacements, and if used in conjunction with Onsite Service, maximizes system availability. (Available for ThinkPad Ultrabooks. Hardware availability varies by region.)


Technician Installation of CRU Parts

Base warranty typically requires self-replacement of customer replaceable units (CRU) parts. Upgrade to Technician Installation of CRUs and all CRU parts are subject to Onsite Service.



Accidental Damage Protection

Protect your investment from operational or structural damage due to unexpected accidental damage.


What's Typically Covered?3

• Accidental drops and spills, • Bumps, • Damage to the integrated LCD screen, • Structural failures incurred under normal operating conditions, • Electrical surges


Out of warranty repair    Out of warranty cost
Minor Repairs    $350
Multiple Parts Replacement    $950
Display    $450


Learn more about Accidental Damage Protection service


Priority Technical Support

Provides direct access to advanced technicians 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. you'll have a single source solution for all of your hardware, OS and software related issues.

  • •  Priority Call routing to advanced technicians - you receive a dedicated phone number
  • •  24x7 telephone technician-to-technician support
  • •  Escalation management
  • •  Local language support
  • •  Third party software support


Learn more about Priority Technical Support service


Keep Your Drive

A convenient and secure way to retain your drives and confidential data in the unlikely event of failure.

KYD can be purchased at the time of system purchase or during the system warranty

  • •  Coverage continues for the duration of the system's limited warranty, even if the hard drive has been replaced
  • •  KYD covers multiple drives in a system and multiple failures (some server systems can have as many as 12 hard drives).
  • •  Both Solid State Drives (SSD) and hard drives are covered by KYD. Some models also require and upgrade to Onsite service when the SSD is soldered to the motherboard


Learn more about Keep Your Drive services

Transition Services


Factory Integration

Enables accurate configuration and encryption of your PCs before shipment. You'll have asset readiness and security from day one

Deployment Automation Services

Take the complexity out of large deployments. Our scalable services streamline and maximize the efficiency of your deployments by automating mundane and time intensive desk-side tasks.

Managed Services

Asset Recovery Services outline the development and execution of sustainable corporate disposition strategy. For projects with broad requirements, you can depend on Lenovo's technical and service knowledge to drive resolution to your business issues.

Learn more about Lenovo's Transition Services


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  1. 1   Available for periods of 2 or 3 years (total duration), beginning with the initial warranty start date.
  2. 2   International Warranty Service is available, but regional differences in service level may apply
  3. 3   Cosmetic damage, e.g.: scratches, dents, or cracks that do not affect the product's functionality or structural integrity are not covered.

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