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Lenovo's Asset Tagging and Laser Etching Service - Advantages

Lenovo Services - Asset TaggingLenovo's Asset Tagging Services provide the foundation for a strong asset management program that can improve tracking ability, and reduce loss and theft.

  • • Enable detailed asset information to be quickly and accurately imported into your asset management system
  • • Done in the factory, Asset Tagging ensures your machines arrive with customized tags for quick and accurate tracking

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Of 329 public and private organizations studied for one year1:

  • • $2.1B in data, hardware and productivity were lost due to lost assets
  • • Up to 12,000 PCs are lost or stolen in US airports weekly
  • • Only 5% of technology assets

PC Protection with Lenovo Asset Tags

Executed in production, Asset Tagging ensures your PCs are protected from day one. Your PCs will be easily identifiable and traceable right out of the box. Lenovo's flexible options can meet the exact needs of your organization.

Standard asset tagging capabilities      Enhanced asset tags


  • •  Standard bar coding
  • •  Customer defined text ranges (organization name, phone number, technical support contacts, etc.)
  • •  Add purchase order number


Standard Asset Tagging capabilities plus:

  • •  QR codes (2D bar coding)
  • •  US Government Required IUID Number
  • •  MAC addresses
  • •  Lines and boxes are supported
  • •  Warranty expiration, manufacturing or lease end dates

A customer asset tag number can be placed into the system BIOS allowing your PC management software to automatically inventory and report on all of the assets in your organization, saving you time and increasing accuracy2

Laser Etching

Combine Asset Tagging with Lenovo's Laser Etching service to provide a secure, tamper resistant means of identifying your organization's PC assets. Etching services are fully customizable, meaning you cannot only include important contact information such as company name and phone number, but corporate logos as well. Secure your PCs while providing a unique means of promoting your company or brand.

Graphic Specifications

  • •  300 dpi, grayscale (not color)
  • •  Max graphic size 16 sq inches
  • •  Supported file types: JPEG (most common), GIF, BITMAP, COREL

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  1. 1  Source: eWeek.com, (December 2010)
  2. 2  Asset Tag Reports may not be available in all regions.

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