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Services for large enterprise

You choose the services and response times, we take care of the rest
ThinkPlus Services for large enterprise
ThinkPlus Services maximize the productivity your business gets from its Lenovo PCs and helps your business stay focused on what’s important. Choose the services and response times that are right for your business.
ThinkPlus Warranty Support
Warranty support and maintenance terms tailored to the level of response your business needs.
  • Upgrade your standard base warranties to cut response times and provide higher levels of service – depot or carry in service can be upgraded to on-site for maximum convenience. Upgrade next business day response to same business day to give your business a higher level of support and minimize downtime.
  • Extend your base warranties to protect your investment. Standard one year warranties can be extended to two, three, four or five years, depending on your business needs and lifecycle requirements.
Contact your Lenovo representative for more details.

  ThinkPlus Enterprise Solutions
A complete suite of Lenovo managed services to maximize your productivity, streamline processes and reduce costs.

Deployment Services

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