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Lenovo Services - Asset Tagging

Lenovo Services - Asset TaggingLet Lenovo assist you with asset management. Our asset tagging services allow you to streamline deployment, saving you time and reducing the risk of loss or theft of valuable technology assets.

Asset tags can greatly increase the efficiency of IT asset management, as well as helping to manage overall PC lifecycle support needs. Lenovo can develop a physical asset management program designed to meet your organization's specific requirements.

  • • High quality, professional, flexible asset tag
  • • Variable location and size
  • • Customer specified unique asset tag number ranges

  • • Strong asset management program
  • • Lenovo provides list of serial numbers
  • • Assets are under management from day one
  • • Optional barcodes allow for very quick and accurate tracking
  • • Saves time and reduces loss or theft of valuable technology assets

Did You Know?*

329 public and private organizations were studied for one year ...

  • • Collectively lost $2.1B in data, hardware and productivity
  • • Up to 12,000 PCs are lost or stolen in US airports weekly
  • • Only 5% of the assets are recovered

Three most common places that computers are lost ...

  • • Their own offices and homes
  • • Hotels
  • • Transportation (48%)

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*Source: eWeek.com, (December 2010) for this entire section.