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Lenovo Services – Keep Your Hard Drive Service

Data Security on Your Terms

Lenovo Services – Keep Your Hard Drive ServiceSecuring business data is essential to any organisation’s success. Data needs to be kept confidential, protected and compliant with corporate retention policies. If a drive fails while covered under warranty, Lenovo’s Keep Your Drive Service (KYD)allows you to keep your drive, improving data security and potentially alleviating civil liability risks for organisations handling sensitive information.

Lenovo’s Keep Your Drive Service is available for all Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks, ThinkCentre desktops, ThinkStation workstations and ThinkServer server.

Under the terms of the Lenovo Limited Warranty, when Lenovo replaces a defective part, that part becomes the property of Lenovo. If a customer’s drive fails and it is still under warranty, KYD lets them keep their old drive and hold onto their data.

  • • KYD service is available at the time of system purchase and during any period of warranty coverage
  • • Coverage continues for duration of system limited warranty, even if hard drive has been replaced
  • • KYD covers multiple drives in a system and multiple failures (some server systems can have as many as 12 hard drives)

  • • Avoid the legal and monetary repercussions associated with a breach in data security, especially for sensitive customer-level data
  • • Gives users the peace of mind to know that their personal and business data is secure
  • • Eliminates the need for tracking failed drives in transit and the associated paperwork, giving IT staff the time to concentrate on mission-critical business activities

Add Keep Your Drive to your system now. We are here to help. Call 1300 557 073 and speak with a Lenovo representative.

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