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Accidental Damage Protection (ADP)

Protection ServicesLenovo’s Accidental Damage Service offers a predictable way to budget for non-warranted PC repairs, allowing you to avoid productivity disruptions, while minimizing unexpected PC repair costs.

  • • ADP protects your investment from operational or structural damage due to common accidents like drops, spills, electrical surges or failure of the integrated screen and can save you significantly relative to the cost of repairs or new PC purchase. Learn more.

Keep Your Drive Service (KYD)

Lenovo's Keep Your Drive Service allows you to retain your hard drive and data, in the unlikely event of drive failure. With KYD, you improve data security and potentially mitigate civil liability risks if your organization handles sensitive information.

You can dispose of business data on your terms, when and how you need to. KYD saves you the need to track failed hard drives in transit and eliminates associated paperwork, freeing up IT resources for critical business needs. Learn More.

Online Data Backup – Enterprise Edition (OLDB EE)

With an exponential increase in digital data for organizations of all sizes, tolerance for downtime related to data loss is low, and risks associated with that loss have significant revenue and productivity implications. Lenovo’s Online Data Backup for Enterprise is a simple, automatic and secure way to protect your organization from the potential risk of business critical data loss from laptop and desktop PCs. Learn More.

Key Features and Benefits

  • • World-Class Military Grade Encryption for Security and Peace of Mind
  • • Administrative Console makes set up and on-going management easy
  • • Capacity and bandwidth optimization for Enterprise Class performance
  • • Meet regulatory compliance requirements with commercial-grade back-ups, off-site storage and anytime, anywhere restore capabilities

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