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Lenovo Services for ThinkPad Tablet

Lenovo Services for ThinkPad TabletLenovo’s ThinkPad® tablet is your DO machine. The only tablet on the market today to offer a full portfolio of enterprise level services, with specific features to better manage multiple devices, provide more customization, security and asset tracking. Lenovo offers customers a single-source solution with global coverage and reliable, product-specific expertise that customers can rely on.

What We Offer?
Services OfferedDetails
Transition Services Zero touch provisioning, imaging and asset tagging
Warranty Extension 2 or 3 years Mail-in Depot / Carry-in
Warranty Upgrades 1, 2 or 3 yearOnsite¹

Unlike our Competitors, Lenovo Offers:
  • • The convenience of onsite support (where available) significantly minimizing downtime.
  • Warranty extensions up to a full three years versus one year default for most consumer competitors.
  • Custom imaging by Lenovo experts to customize and set security settings for each tablet, prior to deployment, saving time and money.
  • Asset tagging services at the factory. Save time and can have immediate control of your tablet assets – from day one.

Warranty Extensions and Upgrades

ThinkPlus ServicesA warranty extension protects your investment and provides the ability to match warranty term to the intended lifespan of your ThinkPad tablet. A warranty upgrade gives you access to higher levels of service and response, such as onsite or Next Business Day Service. Warranty Extensions for the ThinkPad tablet are available for periods of 2 or 3 years (total duration), beginning with the initial warranty start date.

Transition Services – Imaging, Security and Asset Tagging

Lenovo Services – Transition ServicesTablets need considerable customization before they are ready for business use. Lenovo's unique Transition Services give you the customization, security and tracking ability you need to get your tablets effectively integrated into your organization. Our Imaging Technology Center offers no touch provisioning with a single point of contact, saving your organization time and money, while increasing productivity and providing the security needed for an enterprise environment. Learn More.

We are here to help.  Call 001-803-442-173 (Lenovo Idea series) / 001-803-606-282 (Lenovo Think series) and speak with a Lenovo Representative.

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1. Onsite service is available in metropolitan areas only. Next day service is not guaranteed.
2. Priority Support may not be available in all regions and coverage level may differ.
3. Repair events limited to one service "event" per year with one replacement (if needed) allowed over the lifetime of the tablet. Accidental Damage Protection is a depot/CCR provided service.
4. Based on internal repair data.
5. Priority Support may not be available in all regions and coverage level may differ.