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At VMworld on Aug. 29 – Sept. 1, in Las Vegas, VXL Instruments will announce the launch of the new compact Vtona Desktop Zero Client supporting the Teradici PCoIP® Remote Desktop Protocol. Developed in conjunction with Teradici, the new VMware™ certified Vtona PCoIP® Zero Client delivers a superior remote desktop experience for advanced users ensuring a rich multi-media performance including 3D graphics, CAD/CAM, video and more.

VXL Thin client computing solutions

VXL Instruments provides desktop thin clients, Zero Clients and mobile devices in support of VDI, secure cloud access and server-based, thin computing. All VXL “Itona’ devices provide access to Microsoft Terminal services, Citrix XenApp and/or XenDesktop, in addition to VMware View.

The VXL Vtona is custom designed to support VMware View™. It has no operating system and incorporates the Teradici 1100 PCoIP® Portal processor. The Vtona ensures a rich multi-media experience supporting 3D graphics, CAD, video and more.

The VXL XtonaPrp Series is designed for the Citrix™ environment, allowing easy access to XenDesktop®  and XenApp™. Both models are Citrix HDX Ready, and offer true ‘plug and play’ convenience when connected to the network.

As part of the growing demand for desktop virtualization, VXL devices ensure secure access to and protection of information, with no local storage; sensitive data is stored at the server. With no moving parts, thin clients ensure a high level of product reliability and offer very quiet operation. VXL thin clients are easy to deploy and through its free ‘XLmanage ‘management tool, are as easy to manage, thereby reducing the overall cost of total support. VXL also offers a wide choice of operating systems, to suit all work environments, including; Windows Embedded Standard (WES2009 or WES7), Windows XPe, SUSE Linux, GIO2 Linux, Sylph-OS and PXE.

Established in 1976, VXL is a global leader in thin client and server-based computing and has been manufacturing world-class devices for over three decades.

Mid-Range. Small, lightweight, and environmentally-friendly.
15 Series: TC1520 (XPe), TC1526 (WES2009), TC1536 (GIO2 Linux) Prices starting at $315

TC15-Series is Energy Star 5.0 rated and one of the smallest available. It combines impressive performance, solid state operation (no hard drive disc or noisy fan), low power consumption and 5x USB ports. Its highly compact, lightweight design, and external power supply allow flexible mounting options, making the TC15 Series the ideal partner where space is at premium.

pdf TC15-Series specs

Mid-range. Expandable, durable and highly productive.
C Series: C21 (XPe), C23 (WES2009), C24 (WES7) C32 andC35 (GIO2 Linux)
Prices starting at $316

C-Series, represents a significant advancement in the provision of low cost server based computing with class-leading features built to handle both local and remote environment. Powered by fast 1GHz processors, excellent USB connectivity, internal power supply and internal wireless options.

C-Series specs
High-Performance. Efficient and powerful with multimedia capabilities.
Ds Series: D21s (XPe), D23s (WES2009), D24s (WES7) D35s (GIO2 Linux), D51s (SUSE Linux)
Prices start at $426

Ds-Series, is not only a powerful and innovative thin client, it’s also designed with the environment and durability in mind. Ds incorporates a faster 1.6 GHz processor and delivers a superior user experience with enhanced functionality and multi-media playback over virtualized desktop environments. Ds not only dramatically reduces power consumption, it even includes 6x USB ports and support for dual monitors.

Ds-Series specs

Superior power. Outstanding security. Impressive multimedia.
Es Series: E21s (XPe), E23s (WES2009), E24s (WES7), E35s (GIO2 Linux)
Prices start at $510

Es-Series thin client is designed to handle the most demanding applications, incorporating a fast 1.6 GHz processor for exceptional functionality in any virtualization environment. Energy Star 5.0 certified, the Es series comes into its own when displaying rich multimedia applications and content, has an optional internal PCI or PCIe, and is the only model with dual DVI capability.

Es-Series specs

High-powered. High productivity
TC63 Series: 6321 (XPe), 6323 (WES2009), 6324 (WES7)
Prices start at $633

TC63-Series dramatically improves productivity with an Intel Atom 1.6Ghz processor and six USB ports, It can easily handle your multimedia needs. TC63 like all other VXL models is supported by ‘XLmanage’ remote management software for efficient and convenient central management.

TC63-Series specs

Vtona Zero Client. Designed to support VMware View™   
Prices coming soon!

The Vtona Zero Client offers a small desktop footprint, but delivers a complete desktop experience for even the most advanced users. It incorporates the Teradici 1100 PCoIP™ Portal processor to ensure a rich multi-media experience supporting 3D graphics, CAD, video and more. No management required.

Vtona specs

XtonaPro Zero Clients. Designed for the Citrix environment.
XtonaPro Series: XtonaPro-15 and XtonaPro-Ds (GioX Linux)
Prices coming soon!

XtonaPro Zero Clients are Citrix HDX™ Ready, and will allow access to XenDesktop®  and XenApp™.  The XtonaPro comes at a 1.0GHz or 1.6GHz processor speed, and both offer an ultra-fast boot with an impressive sub 10 second log-in. True ‘plug and play’. No management required.

Windows Embedded Standard
XtonaPro-15 specs
XtonaPro-Ds specs

XLmanage Software. Quick and easy management for VXL Thin Clients

Stay productive with easy-to-manage software and the most current tools. XLmanage software is user-friendly and ideal for quick, PC configuration, diagnostics and firmware updates. XLmanage network enables complete monitoring across all platforms.

XLmanage specs


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Key benefits
Strategic Partners
Strong relationships with companies like Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Ericom.
Much easier to configure, update, deploy and backup. Reduced workload for IT managers, too.
Server-based storage makes data less vulnerable to viruses and other malware.

No mechanical/moving parts, such as fans or disk drives that can break down.

Easy expansion.
USB ports, serial ports, parallel ports & PCI expansion are available on the VXL thin clients to support a wide range of peripherals.

Cost of ownership.
Significantly reduce operating costs, power consumption and even lower utility bills.

XLmanage software
Stay productive with easy-to-manage software and the most current tools.
XLmanage software is user-friendly and ideal for quick, PC configuration, diagnostics and firmware updates.
XLmanage network enables complete monitoring across all platforms.
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