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Product Specifications Reference (PSREF)

  Product Specifications Reference (PSREF) sheets reveal comprehensive information on the features and technical specifications of Lenovo products.

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      RD630 and RD530

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    Version 450 Released February 25, 2014



PSREF for Western Europe has been made available since 2011.  For Western Europe specific product information, 


  please go to:  


    Index.pdf - Index of current products
    Indexw.pdf - Index of withdrawn products


Sample PSREF sheet

    All the current Lenovo products in one file:
    All 12 current books in single.pdf (~22MB)

    All the current ThinkPad and ThinkCentre
    TopSeller products in one file:
    TopSeller products.pdf (~6MB)                 

    Current Lenovo product books:
    ThinkPad Notebooks (~5MB)
    ThinkPad Edge Notebooks (~1MB)
    ThinkCentre Desktops (~4MB)
    ThinkStation Workstations (~2.5MB)
    ThinkServer Servers (~5MB)
    ThinkVision Monitors (~1MB)

    Current LenovoEMC products:
     LenovoEMC System Reference Page

    Lenovo consumer product books:
    IdeaTab Tablets (~1MB)
    IdeaPad Notebooks (~4MB)
    IdeaCentre Desktops (~4MB)
    Lenovo Essential Notebooks (~1MB)
    Lenovo Essential Desktops (~500KB)
    Lenovo Consumer Monitors (~200KB)

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    History file - Text file listing all changes to PSREF

    For additional information on options and accessories, including the Option Compatibility Matrix, go to:

    For Accessories and Services compatibility configurator, go to:

    Withdrawn Lenovo and IBM product books (back to 1987):

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