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Not backing up your computer systems opens the door to huge losses in revenue, reputation, and liabilities. Lenovo Online Data Backup frees up your valuable in-house IT resources for productive use in core revenue-generating activities. TCO studies show a savings of 30 percent or more over do-it-yourself offsite backup solutions. As an offsite, online application, Lenovo Online Data Backup will become a valuable part of your business and an information security solution you will come to rely on. Lenovo Online Data Backup is powered by EMC, who has 25 years of market leadership in storage solutions. You enjoy worry-free backup.

Simple activation and use
Sign up for an account, install the software, choose the files you want to back up, and let the application do the rest.
Advanced user configuration options
Large number of ways to customize your backup options though Configure menu on Lenovo Online Data Backup client.
Performance and bandwidth throttling
Set the client to Faster PC or Quicker Backup based on your needs. Control the maximum amount of bandwidth consumed by the client.
Open/locked file backup
Service will back up the file even when in use by another application including Outlook .pst files.
Multiple file versioning support for 30 days
Restore multiple versions of the same file for up to 30 days. This functionality works even if you deleted the original file on your PC for up to 30 days.
In-client file restore
Restore a file right from your client on your machine (requires Internet access).
Web-based file restore
Restore files from anywhere via the web-based account access.
Shared network or mapped drives
Back up data sitting on a different machine or device where the client cannot be installed, including network and mapped drives.
Automatic or scheduled backup
Specify time and day when back up takes place or enable backup for up to 12 times a day.
Block level incremental backup
Only new and changed files are backed up saving bandwidth and time.
In-Windows Explorer file restore
Restore a file/directory by right-click Windows Explorer (requires Internet access).
Security – 256-bit AES (advanced encryption standard) encryption
Safely stores data in our highly secured data centers.
Security – 128 bit SSL
Safely transmits your data over the internet to our secure data center.

Private encryption key option for advanced users
Option for users to own their own encryption key instead of using key provided by Lenovo/EMC.
Operating System Support
Microsoft Vista
Microsoft XP
Windows Server 2003 Standard –
32 & 64 bit
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise –
32 & 64 bit
Windows Server 2008 Standard –
32 & 64 bit
Windows Server 2008 Enterprise –
32 & 64 bit
Windows Essentials Business Srvr
2008 Standard – 64 bit
Windows Essentials Business Srvr
2008 Premium – 64 bit
Windows SBS 2003 R2 Standard –
32 & 64 bit
Windows SBS 2003 R2 Premium –
32 & 64 bit
Windows SBS 2008 –
64 bit
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