Lenovo announces the Lenovo Innovation Award with the Ministry of Education


The Infocomm Development Authority is working with a British company, Futurelab, to develop cutting edge technology for the classroom of the future.

Called iLAB 2015, they will work together as well as with industry partners to develop prototypes which could be available in Singapore by the end of this year.

The classroom for the digital age was showcased on Thursday at the Third International Conference on Educational Technology.

One example was shown by a student from Catholic High School, 15-year-old Sherwin Tan.

He used his Tablet PC to draw political cartoons - all to make history come alive for students.

Sherwin Tan said: "It makes history less boring and it sorts of makes history more interesting in a way, view other people's point of view of the cartoons, not only your own point of view."

This learning and teaching environment looks set to change further with a multimillion-dollar collaboration between the IDA and Futurelab.

They will do pioneering work for new teaching and learning tools while tapping on technology, content and ideas.

The aim is to make these prototypes into new applications for the classroom.

Chan Yeng Kit, CEO, IDA, said: "Futurelab will have researchers based in Singapore at IDA and frankly from there, there is no limit. Where there are good ideas, we will bring the industry in to develop the applications, try it in the schools and we hope that this will lead to a much improved teaching learning environment for our kids and for teachers."

As part of iLAB 2015, IDA will co-organise events like an innovation workshop which will bring together experts from research, design and practice to see how new technology can change classroom learning in the future.

The Education Ministry also announced a new award, the Lenovo Innovation Award, to recognise and encourage teachers to continue their efforts in innovation and experimentation.

Worth $50,000 annually, it will be on from 2007 to 2009. - CNA/ch

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