Legend changes English company name to "Lenovo Group Limited"


(Hong Kong, April 5, 2004) - Legend Group Limited (stock code: 992) announced today the official change of its English company name to "Lenovo Group Limited" ("Lenovo"), with effect from April 1, 2004. The special resolution for this change was passed at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on March 25, and a certificate pertaining to the change of name was issued by the Registrar of Companies in Hong Kong on April 1. The Chinese name for the Group remains unchanged.

Yang Yuanqing, President & CEO of Lenovo said, "In line with the Group's development, we need to have an English brand name that can be used without restriction in any part of the world. In April 2003, we changed our English brand name from 'Legend' to 'Lenovo'. During the year, the new English brand name gained significant market awareness and acceptance. The Board of Directors believed that the alignment of the English brand name and the company name will help to raise the recognition and popularity of the 'Lenovo' brand."

Yang continued, "The change of our English name and our participation in the sixth generation of The Olympic Partner (TOP) Programme of the International Olympic Committee announced recently will be of great significance in the Group's international business development and brand promotion. Looking forward, we will adhere to our management philosophies and core values, and will continue to develop our business proactively and prudently, aiming at bringing better returns to our shareholders."