Lenovo Launches Mission Control For PC Productivity Technologies


MARKHAM, ON, August 31, 2005 - Lenovo today announced a new centralized management hub for its PC productivity tools, creating a "mission control" to consolidate and simplify ThinkVantage Technologies under one view. The LANDesk(r) Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies gives IT administrators a one-stop-shop for improved access and management capabilities of their IT systems.

LANDesk(r) Management Suite focuses on software license monitoring, software distribution, image creation and deployment, inventory, and remote control. These standard offerings now work seamlessly with several key ThinkVantage Technologies to allow remote deployment and management of ThinkVantage Technology features throughout the network.

For example, in conjunction with the LANDesk offering, IT administrators now can use Lenovo's Rescue and Recovery 3.0 to remotely initiate a backup or recovery, potentially resulting in fewer desk-side support visits and calls to the help desk.

Rescue and Recovery 3.0 also features an enhanced Antidote Delivery Manager, enabling IT departments to deliver fixes and updates to users wherever they are, even if their system is down from a worm or virus.

In addition to the LANDesk Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies, Lenovo announced today upgrades to many of its award-winning ThinkVantage Technologies.

New Rescue and Recovery Features

New ThinkVantage System Update Features

New Client Security Solution Features

In addition, Utimaco SafeGuard PrivateDisk has been incorporated into the new Client Security Solution 6.0, allowing ThinkPad notebook and ThinkCentre desktop users to create an encrypted virtual disk drive on their hardware in order to save confidential data more securely and easily. Lenovo also offers full hard drive data encryption in the form of Utimaco SafeGuard Easy as an option.

Lenovo also has made upgrades to other ThinkVantage Technologies, such as Secure Data Disposal - which acts as a paper shredder for electronic data, enabling customers to permanently erase data from their hard drive so that sensitive information cannot be retrieved from the machine once it is returned or replaced.

About ThinkVantage Technologies ThinkVantage Technologies are available on ThinkPad notebooks and ThinkCentre desktops and help make PCs less dependent on IT staff or user intervention for basic tasks such deployment, backup, maintenance and security. They free up users and IT staff to focus on competitive advantages in their business. According to industry analysts, costs associated with deployment, support and disposal account for approximately 80 percent of the entire PC lifecycle cost. ThinkVantage Technologies help customers address/reduce these ownership costs. More information is available at .