New 19-Inch IBM ThinkVision Monitor Designed for New Trends in Desktop Computer Use


Sydney, Australia February 14th 2005 - IBM today introduced its newest ThinkVision desktop monitor, the 19-inch Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), ThinkVision L190. IBM's unique ThinkVantage design and innovative features include an ultra-narrow bezel for multi-monitor environments, fast response time and one of the widest ranges of tilt in its class. Answering industry demand for a more flexible, intuitive and easy-to-use monitor, the sleek L190 flat panel monitor is competitively priced and suitable for any business application.

An ultra narrow 15-millimeter monitor bezel on the new ThinkVision L190 expands usability by offering multiple monitor configurations for increased viewing areas. In a multi-monitor environment, the ultra-thin bezel minimises the distances between screen images allowing for improved productivity and a reduction in errors for business professionals who need to work on multiple applications or tasks at once.

The ThinkVision L190 also features a fast, 12-millisecond pixel response-time allowing for smooth text scrolling and video streaming. A fast pixel response eliminates "ghosting" and distortion often seen on LCD monitors with slower response times. Additionally, the L190 offers a high brightness of 250 cd/m², or candelas per meter squared, a measurement of light properties radiating from a one-meter-square surface, a 500:1 contrast ratio, and automatic scaling of resolutions less than 1280 x 1024.

The combination of the response time, brightness, contrast and resolution complete the L190's high-quality display. With an elevated stand height and a tilt range of -4 degrees forward and 40 degrees backward, the ThinkVision L190 allows users to customise viewing angles for an optimal viewing experience in any office or home environment.

"Through extensive customer feedback and precision engineering, we've introduced a high-end, user-friendly monitor that allows customers to decrease desk clutter, reclaim valuable workspace and increase productivity," said Bob Galush, vice president of product marketing, Personal Computing Division. "IBM's line of ThinkVision monitors are designed specifically with value, performance and innovation in mind and the L190 is our newest example."

Other features of the L190 include convenient direct access buttons for brightness and Automatic Image setup for quick optimal display configuration. A carrying handle built into the back of the monitor offers users easy portability for moving the monitor from office to office, or for easier attachment to mounting solutions in multi-monitor environments.

The IBM ThinkVision L190 Essential monitor is available through

IBM ThinkVision monitors are also available through select business partners. The ThinkVision L190 is priced at AUD$849.