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Safe and effective computing

Get the most out of your personal computer by using it safely,
comfortably and effectively

Here are tips to help you reduce the risk of personal injury, property damage, ergonomic discomfort and lost or corrupted data.
Safe computing Learn about safety practices you should follow to help reduce the risk of injury while using your computer.
Product recalls
Please click here for important product recall information.
Healthy computing
Get ergonomic and environmental information that can help you use your personal computer more comfortably and healthfully.
Effective computing
Read suggestions on how to avoid inadvertently corrupting or losing data from your personal computer.
Click here for information about recycling your Lenovo product and/or its battery.
Online support
Visit Lenovo's automated online support site where you can get updates for your BIOS, utilities and drivers and important announcements regarding your Lenovo product.
Accessories and upgrades
Shop for accessories and upgrades that will allow you to get the most out of your Lenovo personal computer. This site offers memory, storage, monitors and more.
Attention ThinkPad users
ThinkPad battery

A special notice regarding Li-Ion batteries used with many ThinkPad notebooks

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