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Security lock
Security for your wireless communication
Lenovo offers the most secure wireless computing so you can move to wireless with less fear. The ThinkVantage™ Client Security Solution (select models) enhance authentication and session confidentiality by securely storing authentication credentials for both industry-standard 802.1x protocol36 and Cisco LEAP. The new Integrated Fingerprint Reader, available on select ThinkPad models, can also be used for wireless authentication.
Integrated wireless technology
Integrated wireless technology
The UltraConnect™ Antenna is featured on ThinkPad notebooks that feature integrated Wi-Fi wireless43 technology (select models). Built into the display for optimal signal reception, the antenna supports multiple frequencies for improved wireless LAN connectivity around the world.

Integrated ThinkPad 11a/b/g Wi-Fi wireless43 technology (select models) helps increase mobility and productivity by allowing you to connect in either Wi-Fi environment.

Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology (select models) is designed for notebook computers to enable wireless LAN connectivity and deliver high performance and extended battery life in notebooks.

Now get integrated 3G with VerizonWireless BroadBandAccess on select ThinkPad Z-series systems. Or, use a VerizonWireless PC Card available from Lenovo with other ThinkPad systems. Take advantage of one of the nation's largest and fastest wide-area wireless broadband networks*.

*BroadbandAccess averages 400-700kbps based on network tests with 5mb FTP data files, without compression, available in over 30 markets covering 75 million people. Actual speeds and coverage vary.

Select ThinkPad notebooks feature integrated Wi-Fi wireless, Verizon 3G BroadBandAccess, Bluetooth™ technology, Ethernet and modem to give you simultaneous connections to your choice of networks or devices.
Wireless network
Easy wireless network creation
Access points and gateways, available through Lenovo, help create an affordable wireless Local Area Network (LAN) to work seamlessly with compatible Wi-Fi-certified devices, including our systems and options.

Optional USB wireless LAN options, ThinkPad PC cards and PCI cards add Wi-Fi wireless capability for easy connection to existing wireless networks.

Wireless wide area network (WAN) cards for your ThinkPad notebook, available through Lenovo, give you flexibility to work where you want and access information quickly and securely35.

Select ThinkPad notebooks have integrated Bluetooth technology, or you can upgrade to Bluetooth capability with the optional Bluetooth PC Card II. Bluetooth technology provides short-range wireless connectivity (up to 30')31, allowing ThinkPad and desktop systems to connect to enabled cell phones, handheld PDAs and printers.
Wireless mini pci adapter
Designed with flexibility in mind
Select ThinkPad notebooks are Wi-Fi wireless upgradable32 so you can implement an optimized wireless network in the future without the investment today. These models include the ThinkPad UltraConnect™ Antenna and a MiniPCI bay that can later house a wireless MiniPCI adapter. A choice of wireless MiniPCI adapters enables you to add wireless functionality and integrate easily with Cisco or other Wi-Fi wireless networks.
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Systems and options
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