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ThinkVantage Design

Think offerings look good for a reason. That's because we build our products with both form and function in mind. Think offerings have a unique personality – contemporary yet classic. The many ThinkVantage™ Design elements included in our products help increase productivity and reduce the cost of ownership.
Purposeful design
Purposeful design: Looking good for a reason
ThinkPad notebooks (select models) offer a beveled design, which helps make it easier to carry your notebook; the UltraConnect™ Antenna, which is built into the display cover for optimal signal reception and supports multiple frequencies, and the ThinkLight™ keyboard light, which helps you see in low light conditions.

ThinkCentre™ desktops offer an easy-to-service chassis design to help increase uptime. And it's made from durable steel to protect the contents in your system.

ThinkVision™ monitors offer a lightweight beveled design, with select models that can be adjusted to fit your viewing preference: lift, tilt, swivel or rotate for the ultimate in ergonomics.
Easier computing
Easier computing: Focus on the task at hand
ThinkPad notebooks (select models) offer the TrackPoint® pointing device, ThinkPad UltraNav™ multi-pointing device and touchpad and the Battery MaxiMiser, which regulates the use of the system to extend battery life.

ThinkCentre™ desktops (select models) offer a durable-steel design, a chassis design that helps increase uptime and features that go beyond baseline support.

ThinkVision™ monitors have direct access keys for quick and easy monitor setup.
Signature details
Signature details: Let people know you use a Think Offering
Think offerings include the color black, a timeless hue that has been proven by third-party vendors to help provide a superior viewing field. Accent colors on our offerings provide purposeful aesthetic value and functional emphasis to enhance ease of use.
Data shredder
Manage and dispose
Security technology has to be centrally manageable. ThinkVantage security capabilities can be integrated into a Windows Domain management structure. ThinkVantage System Information Center can also be deployed to collect status information on PC hardware, software, and the client operating system to help evaluate and verify client security compliance. The web-based interface makes it easy to access information, track assets and generate reports.
System Information Center

Finally, ThinkVantage Technology can be used to protect the confidentiality of company data even at the end of life for a disk drive. ThinkVantage Secure Data Disposal is designed to scrub disk drives of the data the contained before the drive leaves the company at the end of a PC's life.
Secure Data Disposal
Compelling Appearance
Compelling appearance: A unique personality
Think products are built on a foundation of classic design principles, simple forms and quality materials. Every ThinkVantage Design element is developed with a specific purpose in mind. This commitment enables us to improve on an already compelling design.
Focus on the human interface
Focus on the human interface: The best possible computing experience
ThinkVantage Design focuses on the elements users are most directly involved with, to provide the best possible computing experience. ThinkPad keyboard features like the ThinkLight help users work in low light conditions, our legendary keyboard lets users work with standard-sized keys and the TrackPoint center button allows users to move in any direction. The full-screen magnifier on ThinkPad notebook screens gives users the ability to easily see small fonts and details.
Meets people's needs
Meets people's needs: Your wants, needs and frustrations
Our engineers have spent years studying customers and their needs. ThinkPad notebooks offer a long battery life allowing users to work anywhere; Battery MaxiMiser software that prevents interruptions due to "sleep" mode during presentations, and thin and light notebooks ease the burden of taking your notebook home with you.

ThinkCentre™ desktops provide the best ergonomic design for increased productivity, and come in a choice of form factors to suit a range of office environments.
Design leadership
Design leadership: Features that go beyond the baseline support assist users with disabilities
We work to define and deliver sensible and effective approaches to accessibility. Accessible hardware design helps make using ThinkPad and ThinkCentre systems easier and more enjoyable for all users.
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