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ThinkVantage® System Update

Keep systems current

System Update downloads updates for Lenovo software, drivers and BIOS from a Lenovo server directly over the Internet without requiring specific user knowledge.
ThinkPad/ThinkCentre System Update

What's New!
  • Even easier to use for everyone
  • Active Directory Policy integration
  • IT interface to start an automatic search
  • Encrypted username/password access to Local Repository on a UNC share
  • Handles reboots
  • ThinkVantage Package Builder supports:
    • Package templates
    • XML packaging specification 2.29
    • Multiple application instances (allow properties to be copied between instances)
Go from complex to simple
With System Update, there are no more time consuming manual searches of Web sites to try to find the most current drivers and updates to help maximise system performance and minimise security risk.

ThinkPad® and ThinkCentre® clients are more stable, better performing and more secure with latest ThinkPad/ThinkCentre utilities, driver, firmware and BIOS updates.

In addition, another feature, Active Update for ThinkVantage Technologies, allows you to check for and install the latest updates from within other ThinkVantage Technologies applications. The System Update application must be installed in order to use the Active Update feature.
With System Update there is:

  • No additional software or infrastructure needed
  • No specially trained personnel needed to support it
  • Fast ROI with minimal investment
  • Ability for customer to custom load and distribute their own licensed 3rd party software and updates
  • Easier updates and reduced resource requirements compared to manual methods
  • Automatic downloads and installation of critical updates on a scheduled basis

ThinkPad system
Let the system work for you
System Update intelligently knows the status of your system. It can sort through available updates and select only the ones specifically needed by your system. It connects directly to Lenovo e-support to obtain drivers, utilities, BIOS and ThinkVantage Technologies software updates.

It provides a Microsoft® Windows® Update-like experience with automatic and manual modes.

In Automatic Scheduling mode it can be set to:
  • Provide notification only of available updates
  • Download updates and provide notification without installing
  • Proactively download and install updates

In Manual Download mode you can:
  • Download but defer installation of updates
  • Sort updates to be downloaded based on criticality
  • View a description of the items in a download package
  • Decline an update and never have it offered again

Download it now
System Update is available for download at no additional charge with the purchase of a ThinkPad notebook or ThinkCentre desktop.

Download System Update software

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