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Protecting the PC asset

Protect your digital ID
Protecting the PC asset
One of the strategic objectives of ThinkVantage Technologies security capabilities is to help the customer protect the value of the PC as a physical asset. There are two approaches to protecting the PC as a physical asset. One is to provide features that protect the device against damage during normal use. The other approach is to provide features that protect the customer’s investment in the PC in the event that it is stolen.
ThinkPad airbag
Protecting the PC against damage
ThinkVantage Active Protection System (APS) is available on many ThinkPad® notebook models. It employs airbag-like technology to protect the hard drive. The system has an integrated motion sensor that continuously monitors the movement of the notebook, and, if a sudden change in motion is detected, it temporarily stops the hard drive to protect it from a potential crash.

This ThinkVantage™ Technology provides up to four times greater impact protection than systems without it and helps reduce down-time and support costs.
Active Protection System
Tailor your protection and maintenance needs
ThinkPlus Maintenance Services make it easy for you to upgrade the level of service that you get under your system's original limited warranty, receive continued service protection beyond the warranty period, and choose the level of response you need with ThinkPlus Maintenance offerings.

ThinkPad Protection (not available in all states) offers repair in the event of unintentional damage from power surges, drops or falls, and liquid spills.
ThinkPlus Maintenance Services
ThinkPad Protection
Client security
Protecting the PC against theft
ThinkVantage security follows to lines to help protect a ThinkPad against theft. One is BIOS-level passwords that can be used to make it difficult for a thief to boot a stolen PC. The other is a tracking mechanism that can be used to locate a stolen PC if it connects to the Internet.

Protecting against unauthorised boot
All ThinkPad and ThinkCentre PCs come with the ability to set four passwords for control of the boot process. There are two user passwords and two administrative passwords.

User passwords:
Power on
BIOS execution can be controlled by a Power On Password. This password is set in the BIOS Configuration screen, accessed by pressing the F1 key after pressing the power on switch to turn on the PC. If the person at the keyboard does not know the Power On Password, then BIOS execution halts.

Hard drive
The hard drive is controlled by the Hard Drive Password. After the Power On Password is entered, the person at the keyboard must be able to enter the Hard Drive Password, otherwise the disk drive will not spin up for use. Like the Power On Password, the Hard Drive Password is set in the BIOS configuration screen.

Administrative passwords:
Each of the two user passwords can be controlled by a Master or administrative password. If the administrative password is not set, then anyone who knows the user password can change it in the BIOS configuration screen. If the administration password is set, then it is impossible to reset the user password unless you know the administrative password. The Supervisor Password is the administrative password for the Power On Password. The Master Hard Drive Password controls the Hard Drive Password.

Password Recovery is a feature of Client Security Solution 6.0. This makes it possible for an end user to recover from the problem of "I forgot my Power On Password or Hard Drive Password."
Client Security Solution
Fingerprint reader
The Integrated Fingerprint Reader in ThinkPads can be used to replace the user passwords. In this mode of operation, the user at the keyboard must have previously registered a fingerprint for use in BIOS authentication (also called Pre-Boot Authentication). At system power-on, the person at the keyboard must slide his finger. If it is recognized, BIOS will continue to execute and the hard drive will become available for use.
Fingerprint readers
PC tracking
PC tracking and loss control
This PC tracking and loss control solution helps security departments monitor asset locations daily, protect valuable corporate data and attempt to recover PCs if they are stolen. The Computrace agent is part of ThinkPad BIOS, a unique feature in the industry. The Computrace BIOS-based agent provides superior security over tracking software that is installed only on the hard drive. Once the ComputraceComplete or ComputracePersonal service is activated, it will reinitiate even if the hard drive is reformatted or replaced. The Computrace BIOS-based agent works with ThinkVantage System Information Center to provide asset management.
Email security
Interoperability with other security offerings
The ThinkVantage Client Security Solution has been tested to interoperate with select security and authentication offerings from these organisations:
Blue earth space
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Protecting the PC asset
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