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Whether you are a small business or a global corporation PC security can often be complex. Today you must be concerned with protecting the hardware, data and network and meeting data regulatory compliance.
ThinkPad Vault ThinkVantage Technologies™ are designed to help you protect PC-based computing assets. These assets include the PC itself, confidential data on the PC and the company network.

ThinkVantage technologies are also designed to help reduce the costs of security administration.
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The most secure industry-standard PC44
With our integrated fingerprint reader on select ThinkPad models and Password Manager, users can replace hundreds of passwords with a swipe of their finger — which allows you to create a single password for all of your authentication needs. In addition, our Client Security Solution makes select ThinkCentre desktops and ThinkPad notebooks with the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) the world's most secure PCs. Safer, simpler, and more secure. You cannot get a higher level of security as a standard feature on a PC from any other manufacturer.
Fingerprint reader
Passwords and Fingerprints
The security capabilities of ThinkVantage technologies can begin when the power-on switch is pressed. Passwords or fingerprints (or both) can be required to cause the system to boot.
Fingerprint reader

ThinkVantage security continues with a family of encryption solutions that can be used to provide additional security around confidential data on a PC. Access to this data can be controlled by setting policies that may require a password, a fingerprint, a smart card, any two or all three forms of authentication before data will be decrypted.

Customers can use Client Security Solution to protect access to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) client on a PC. The PC client is often an easy way for an attacker to access a company network.

ThinkVantage security can be configured to protect digital certificates used to start secure telecommunications protocols and VPN sessions. Once again, policies can be set that define what kind of authentication is required to gain access to the certificates that start secure sessions.

Customers can also use Access Connections to manage access to networks, reducing costs of call for support in establishing network connectivity.
Client Security Solution
Access Connections

The same authentication technology that can be used to enhance the security of data on a PC can be used to reduce company costs as well. Companies spend a great deal of money resetting user passwords. ThinkVantage Client Security Solution password manager helps you consolidate the multiple passwords a user may have down to either just one or down to a single swipe of their finger when using Client Security Solution password manager with a fingerprint reader. This requires the use of the ThinkPad notebook integrated fingerprint reader or ThinkCentre desktop fingerprint keyboard available on select models, or an optional peripheral fingerprint reader.

Password Recovery is a feature to help users restore power-on and hard drive passwords themselves and helps reduce or eliminate the need to call the helpdesk, helping reduce costs. Password Recovery requires both Client Security Solution and ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery.
Client Security Solution, password manager and password recovery
ThinkPad airbag
Drops, loss and attacks
Data protection is more than protecting the confidentiality of data. It also includes protecting the availability of data to authorised users. Active Protection System helps protect the hard drive against damage if the PC is dropped. Rescue and Recovery helps the user recover data that is lost by accident or malice. The Antidote feature of Rescue and Recovery can help a user access the Internet (even if the operating system will not boot) to obtain the latest anti-virus patches. Finally, data protection includes helping the customer protect against malicious destruction of data with products such as Norton AntiVirus by Symantec™.
Active Protection System
Rescue and Recovery with Antidote
Data shredder
Manage and dispose
Security technology has to be centrally manageable. ThinkVantage security capabilities can be integrated into a Windows Domain management structure. ThinkVantage System Information Center can also be deployed to collect status information on PC hardware, software, and the client operating system to help evaluate and verify client security compliance. The web-based interface makes it easy to access information, track assets and generate reports.

Finally, ThinkVantage Technology can be used to protect the confidentiality of company data even at the end of life for a disk drive. ThinkVantage Secure Data Disposal is designed to scrub disk drives of the data the contained before the drive leaves the company at the end of a PC's life.
Secure Data Disposal
Secure Computing
Additional protection and compliance
The combination of security technologies under the ThinkVantage banner are intended to help you protect your PC computing assets across the lifetime of the PC. For more information see:

Protecting the PC asset
  • BIOS passwords
  • Fingerprint reader
  • BIOS-based ComputraceComplete for tracking stolen PCs
  • Active Protection System (APS) for protecting the hard drive when the PC is dropped
Protecting confidential data on a PC
  • Utimaco SafeGuard Easy
  • Utimaco Private Disk Personal Edition and Enterprise Edition
  • Using ThinkVantage security to assist in regulatory compliance
  • Securely disposing of data on disk drives at end of life
Protecting the availability of data on a PC
  • Rescue and Recovery
  • Emergency patch management and recovery (Antidote)
  • Norton Anti-virus
Reducing costs associated with password reset
  • Client Security Solution password manager
  • Fingerprint
  • Password Recovery
Protecting the network
  • Client Security Solution
  • Access Connections
Blue earth space
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