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ThinkVantage® Secure Data Disposal™

Securely delete data

Be confident that all data will be removed from a hard drive before a cascade or disposal of the system.
Data shredder
Secure Data Disposal makes removing confidential information on a disk drive fast and simple and the data irretrievable.

What's New!
During the retirement phase of the PC life cycle, many companies dispose of PCs without properly removing confidential data. This is a serious concern, since the information on these hard disks can then be retrieved by unauthorised people.

Many companies think that formatting a hard disk removes and destroys its data, when in fact this data – which can be highly confidential – can still be retrieved from these systems. With most operating systems, files that are deleted are not necessarily erased. In many cases, the only thing erased is the logical link to the file.

Our Secure Data Disposal tool is indifferent to the operating system on a hard disk. It can ensure that any critical data is permanently removed from a PC before it is disposed.

Whether a PC is being cascaded in an organisation or being retired, IT organisations will benefit from the following features of our Secure Data Disposal tool:

  • Detects all drives and partitions (including hidden partitions)
  • Data, programs and any possible viruses will be destroyed on the PC before a new image is loaded
  • Sensitive and/or confidential information will be destroyed permanently
  • Records erasure transactions and allows customer defined report fields for audits and tracking

Multi-level harddrive
Multiple levels of disk cleaning
Secure Data Disposal supports three levels of data deletion:
  • Quick: Makes data inaccessible to normal, OS-based disk and file management tools
  • Medium: Makes data inaccessible to commercially available data recovery tools
  • Secure: Data deemed to be essentially irretrievable — compliant with United States Department of Defense 5220-22-M 3 pass standards

Reduce IT costs
Reduce IT costs
Our Secure Data Disposal tool expands your disposal or redeployment options. It is easier and more efficient than using manual processes and it saves you money compared to other disposal tool costs:
  • Allows you to safely dispose or cascade systems in your organisation.
  • No need to destroy useful hard drives while remaining confident that your data is completely erased

Download it now
Secure Data Disposal is available for download at no additional charge with the purchase of a ThinkPad® notebook or ThinkCentre® desktop.
Download Secure Data Disposal software
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