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Lenovo Care

Lenovo 3000 systems with Lenovo Care. The smart choice for worry-free computing.
Get on with your work and forget the PC management. Lenovo CareSM is more than just help screens, more than access to service and support and more than ordinary tools and utilities. Lenovo Care is a designed solution that combines our innovative tools, support and services resources to help you get your work done, enjoy the experience more and spend less time worrying about computer problems.
Lenovo Care Portal screenshot Lenovo Care tools
The Lenovo Care portal organises your top tasks, most frequently used applications and help and support tools with the press of a button:
  • Quick Links – One click gives you access to your top tasks such as managing multimedia software, starting a data backup, launching Lenovo PC Support or viewing critical system information. You can also customise Quick Links to suit your personal preferences.
  • Resource Center – Get true worry-free computing with support for tasks such as one-button system recovery, automatic updates from Lenovo and easy network connectivity and management.
  • Performance restoration
    One-button system recovery
    Automatic updates
    Simple network connectivity and management

  • Message Center – Learn about system and support features you might not discover on your own. Message Center is your connection to Lenovo's award-winning support team.
Lenovo Care services
Creative problem solving, innovative technologies and proven implementation skills deliver the right services for you or your business.
  • Warranty upgrades and maintenance options
    We make it easy for you to upgrade your system's original warranty with a warranty upgrade. Or you can protect it beyond the warranty period with a post-warranty maintenance agreement. The current options include:
    • In-warranty system upgrades are available for either 1 or 3 year periods, and cover on-site, next-business-day hardware repair.
    • Post-warranty maintenance agreements are available for either 1 or 2 year periods, and cover on-site, next business day hardware repair
  • Lenovo Recycling Service
    Whether you need to recycle a single home or office PC system, or require an end-to-end solution for large scale disposal projects, Lenovo offers a variety of environmentally friendly asset disposal services to meet your needs.
Lenovo Care services
Lenovo Care – Performance restoration
A PC that can keep running like new with patented rejuvenation technology.

System performance that degrades over time due to uninvited registry settings changes, adware and malware can drain productivity. You need a way to restore your system with less manual effort than a standard restore. The Lenovo Care environment provides a System Rejuvenation recovery option that lets you restore to a previous backup without losing your personal settings for printers, browsers and applications. The result is a rejuvenated system with less "recovering from the recovery."
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Lenovo Care – One-Button system recovery
A PC that can recover from a virus at the click of a button.

Viruses, malware, hard drive failure, O/S corruption and accidental file deletion can all be catastrophic to your system or data. You need a way to quickly recover and be productive again. The Lenovo Care environment lets you self-diagnose and quickly recover your system to a previous working state, even if the O/S won’t boot. By pressing a single key combination, you can enter an environment that will allow you to easily get your system back up and performing like it was prior to the attack or system failure. This restore environment also includes a browser to access Lenovo and other support sites via the Internet (you must have Internet access, not included).
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Lenovo Care – Automatic updates
A PC that updates itself.

Getting the latest software updates is important, but it can be a time-consuming, manual process. You need a secure way to keep your system up to date without wasting a lot of your valuable time. The Lenovo Care environment can be configured to automatically download and install critical updates on your defined schedule, so that you always have the latest drivers and software updates. Your system updates itself so you can keep working.
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Lenovo Care – Simple network connectivity and management
No other PC makes getting and staying connected easier*.

Very few of us sit at our desks all day. And getting connected in the office, at home, in the dorm or at a coffee shop, airport or hotel can be very challenging. Lenovo Care gives you the ultimate in ease-of-use for connecting to your network, wired or wireless (where applicable):
  • Uses location profiles to avoid manual changing of network and internet settings every time you move, which can save you time
  • Helps eliminate errors associated with changing manual settings, which keeps you up, connected and working more
  • Simplifies management of multiple connectivity environments by offering real-time information on network connection status, saving the settings for your wired and wireless connections, and easily switching between them, all from a common user interface.
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*Does not apply to ThinkPad® notebooks.

Lenovo computers
Lenovo Care support
With Lenovo, service and support is everywhere you need it: on the system, on the Web, on the phone... and on the way.
  • On-the-system: Expertise at your fingertips
    The Lenovo Care portal is a preloaded set of tools on Lenovo desktop computers which can resolve most common system problems and help save time.
  • On the Web: Online support that's always there
    Get Lenovo drivers, downloads, maintenance manuals and technical support documents for your Lenovo personal computing products. Our Web-based eSupport is available 24/79
  • On-the-phone: International support
    Of course you can call us. Lenovo works with IBM to provide the world's most comprehensive service and support17. IBM customer contact center technicians help provide quick diagnosis and repair support for warranty-related matters.
  • On-the-way: Bringing powerful support to any size business
    Exceptional local service and support relationships with 3000+ Lenovo-authorised service providers and a comprehensive, worldwide service network means we've got support in a location near you23.
  • Warranty:
    We offer a one-year limited warranty with optional plans to up to three years.

Teaming with IBM
Award-winning service and support makes Lenovo PCs an even greater value.

Lenovo systems are designed for reliability and Lenovo Care support tools and information can help keep you working worry-free. One particular worry you won’t have with a Lenovo computer is wondering if you can count on getting reputable service and support should you need it. That’s because you’re not only getting the latest design and features in your Lenovo PC, you’re also getting award winning IBM service, too!
Teaming with IBM
Here’s what some PC experts have to say:

"This year, readers leave little doubt that IBM knows how to help customers better than any other manufacturer. In desktops and notebooks, IBM users give the company unrivaled tech support and repairs ratings."
—PC Magazine 17th Annual Reader Satisfaction Survey, July 14, 2004

"The name has changed, but the service and reliability are much the same..."
—PC Magazine 18th Annual Reader Satisfaction Survey, August 24, 2005
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