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ThinkVantage® Rescue and Recovery™

One button recovery

Rescue and Recovery is a one button recovery and restore solution that includes a set of self recovery tools to help users diagnose, get help and recover from a virus or other system crashes quickly, even if the primary operating system will not boot and you are remote from your support team.
ThinkPad on rescue boat
What's New!
  • Active Directory policy management offers group policy support and better reporting capabilities
  • Antidote Delivery Manager allows IT staff to deliver fixes and updates to users wherever they are, even if their systems are down from a worm or virus. And it's now enabled for support of ThinkCentre® M52 systems configured with Intel® Virtualisation Technology, so it's more robust and offers more flexibility to recover systems.

This one-button rescue solution includes a set of self recovery tools to help users diagnose, get help and recover from a virus or other software crash, even if the primary operating system will not boot. It helps with everything from complete software failure to occasions when you need only to restore a corrupted or deleted file. And administration tools can even be configured to help deploy critical updates to corrupted systems in your organisation quickly and with confidence.

  • Helps users stay productive even if the primary operating system will not boot
  • Offers do-it-yourself recovery and support options
  • Antidote Delivery Manager is a feature of Rescue and Recovery that can be customised to deploy critical updates (such as patches for worms or viruses) to PCs across your organisation and includes a point-and-click wizard for easy creation of antidote scripts
  • System Rejuvenation lets you restore to any backup while keeping all of your data and system personality settings
  • Rescues and restores your files, folders, or backups
  • Is compatible with a broad range of external storage devices to help you back up your data off-line
  • Links via the Internet to the Lenovo and other support sites
  • Is easy to customise and deploy in the enterprise
  • Integration with other ThinkVantage Technologies to allow migration from backup files including chip-encrypted backups, combining our great technologies to create an even more robust environment
  • Compatible with LANDesk® Management Suite 8 for ThinkVantage Technologies
  • Comes preloaded on new ThinkPad and ThinkCentre systems and is available as a download to update currently supported and entitled systems
  • Is accessible from the Microsoft® Windows® desktop or by pressing the blue button on supported Lenovo systems (or the F11 key on other personal computers)

Time line
Reduce time for support calls
Rescue and Recovery includes easy-to-access diagnostic tools, as well as an instant view of key system information such as BIOS setup, operating system, machine type and serial number, that can help expedite a support call if required.

Get help, by being connected
Get help, by being connected
Rescue and Recovery provides a Web browser to help you access online support13 resources even if the primary operating system won't boot. This function can be customised by an IT department for direct access to the company's preloaded or online support information to help reduce help desk calls and desk-side support.

Hard disk reading
More than just lost file recovery
Rescue and Recovery recovers files, folders or even your entire previously-saved system image, including data, applications and operation system. The File Rescue utility can help retrieve files that were not backed up prior to the problem and save them to a storage device. The backup and recovery function, now more efficient, requires less hard drive space than the previous version and supports a broad range of external devices for recovering information, including CD, DVD, network, second hard drive and USB hard drives. If your hard drive needs replacement due to mechanical failure, Rescue and Recovery can only help you restore your system if you have made regular backups to an external device. A full system recovery can occur often in under 20 minutes depending on the size of your image (recovery time depends upon your system's configuration and the size of your image; your results may vary). This helps save IT manager's time and resources and can be especially helpful to a mobile user far from the office.

ThinkPad ThinkCentre systems
Designed for simplified deployment
Rescue and Recovery can be customised to support IT policies and remotely deployed over a network, or included in an installed image. Policies to exclude unwanted file types from your selection - such as e-mail that can be replicated online, audio, video or other large files that can be retrieved elsewhere - can dramatically reduce the time and space required for backups. Backups are securely stored without the need to create a separate partition on the hard disk.

Virtualisation Technology with Antidote Delivery Manager
The Virtualisation Technology (VT) feature is available in certain new Intel processors in select ThinkCentre M52 desktops. VT provides the ability to virtualise hardware layers to the operating system. It replicates and projects an ethernet driver identical to Microsoft® Windows® and the Rescue and Recovery pre-OS environment, and runs a separate, locked down core in parallel to the primary OS running a firewall and router function. For the IT administrator, this new feature provides significant control and the ability to filter network traffic from Windows or the Rescue and Recovery pre-OS, for significantly better control of the client end-points and more flexibility in deploying antidote packages. It also denies a method of attack for viruses and worms, as well as offering a method of network node validation.

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