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ThinkVantage® Productivity Center

Get help, be productive

Productivity Center guides you to a host of information and tools to help you set up, understand, maintain, and enhance your ThinkPad® notebook or ThinkCentre® desktop.
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What's New!
  • Easier-to-use Away Manager with improved scheduling
  • Expanded systems support
  • Easier access to the Message Center application to automatically retrieve important notices any time you press the Blue Button.

The Productivity Center portal organises your top tasks, most frequently used applications and help and support tools with the press of a button:

  • Quick Links – One click gives you access to your top tasks such as starting a data backup, launching Lenovo PC Support or viewing critical system information. You can also customize Quick Links to suit your personal preferences.
  • Resource Center – Go directly to important tasks and other ThinkVantage Technologies such as Away Manager, Access Connections™, System Migration Assistant™, Rescue and Recovery™, Client Security Solution and System Update. It also includes the Help Center section for system tutorials and other assistance. Resource Center can be customized and defined by IT administrators.
  • Message Center – Learn about system and support features you might not discover on your own. Message Center is your connection to Lenovo's award-winning support team. Messages can be custom-defined and delivered by IT administrators.

Productivity Center

Away Manager
Away Manager
The Away Manager application allows you preselect and run routine tasks to maintain your system's performance:
  • NEW! Improved scheduling so you can set Away Manager to run when it is convenient for you, or start it immediately:
    • Maintenance tasks run based on the user-defined order
    • The user can lock the tasks
  • NEW! Away Manager settings can be restricted so only the Windows Administrator can change the configuration
  • Allows users or corporate IT to schedule tedious maintenance tasks to be completed at the user's convenience
  • Can be customised to run your preferred brand of anti-virus or other utilities
  • Autonomic "Whisper Mode" technology forces system maintenance tasks to run quietly in the background, minimising the impact on your other applications so you can get your work done

Productivity Center's Learn about your computer
Learn about your computer
The Productivity Center's "Learn about your computer" module provides you with detailed information, including a tour, about the features and functions of your ThinkPad/ThinkCentre system. Easy-to-follow instructions help you start using your system features right away. With a few clicks, you can find out serial and model numbers, processor and operating system versions, and storage information. This information is handy if you need to contact the Customer Support Center.

Get help and support
Get Help and Support
The Productivity Center's Get Help and Support module provides additional information and support tools, including software updates of patches and drivers for your ThinkPad/ThinkCentre system. Get Help and Support is your gateway to the following tools:
  • Message Center automatically retrieves important notices for you any time you press the Blue Button.
  • Online Support, available 24/7, gives you continuous access to downloads, hints, tips and Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Automated solutions helps diagnose and resolve common problems with network connectivity, storage devices, system performance and memory.
  • Warranty entitlement databases let you quickly obtain warranty and replacement part information.
  • Ask An Expert23 helps you interact with a Customer Support Center expert via email or phone.

Additional features
Additional Features
The "blue button" has two functions: Under normal operations you press the blue button for ThinkVantage Productivity Center's host of information and tools to help you set up, understand, maintain, and enhance your ThinkPad notebook or ThinkCentre desktop.

And second, by simply pressing the blue button during the power-on self-test you can access ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery — this one-button rescue solution includes a set of self recovery tools to help users diagnose, get help and recover from a software crash, even if the primary operating system will not boot.

Learn more: Rescue and Recovery

The Message Center sends automatic notification on ThinkVantage Technologies integrated with your system. Once you're online, the Message Center agent will retrieve hints, tips and important communications from the Customer Support Center.

If you need to customise Productivity Center, Lenovo can supply online tools for enterprise customers to add content for their company's specific needs including:

  • Company support site links
  • Launch support and other software applications
  • Customised help documents

You can deploy Productivity Center custom updates in the networked environment.

Learn more: LANDesk® Management Suite 8 for ThinkVantage Technologies compatible

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