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Image creation and deployment

image creation and deployment
ThinkVantage™ Technologies and ThinkPlus Services help solve the biggest problems IT organizations face: image creation and deployment
ThinkVantage ImageUltra™ is a revolutionary custom image creation technology designed to help lower IT costs by simplifying customimage creation and complex system deployment. This technology can create a single hard drive image with multiple languages, applications and operating systems, which then can be deployed across multiple platforms. New ThinkPad® and ThinkCentre™ systems are equipped to take advantage of this technology.
Do-it-yourself custom image creation
Do-it-yourself custom image creation for ThinkPad/ThinkCentre systems
For those who want in-house control of their image creation work, we offer ImageUltra Builder. This ThinkVantage™ Technology provides ImageUltra capability for ThinkPad/ThinkCentre and other OEM systems. You can keep control of your custom image and still simplify its deployment across multiple ThinkPad/ThinkCentre systems, helping reduce the amount of work and cost for your IT department41.

ThinkPlus custom image creation services are also available through the Lenovo Imaging Technology Center (ITC). Let us create a custom image for you utilizing ThinkVantage ImageUltra technology, or with our standard image creation services. Leverage the expertise of our Imaging Technology Center while maintaining control of your image.
Software tools to help simplify system deployment and migration
Software tools to help simplify system deployment and migration
We offer a suite of downloadable software tools for ThinkPad/ThinkCentre and other OEM systems. These tools can help IT organizations simplify and automate system deployment and migration to new clients, and include:
  • System Migration Assistant (SMA). A ThinkVantage Technology, SMA helps you and your company stay productive by quickly and accurately migrating mass quantities of user-specific data and settings (application settings, personal settings, printer and network settings) to new ThinkCentre or ThinkPad systems.

  • Software Delivery Assistant (SDA). A ThinkVantage Technology, SDA allows IT departments to create a single image of multiple applications and automate the installation of select applications to various workgroups or functions (e.g. Marketing, Finance, etc). SDA can also install select applications to systems after they have been deployed. It is also available as a separately licensed product for other OEM systems.

  • IBM® Remote Deployment Manager (US) (RDM). Designed to address a mixed PC environment, RDM reduces the need for costly desk-side deployment by enabling automated network deployment of IBM, ThinkPad/ThinkCentre and other OEM systems, allowing network administrators to maintain control of the network. In addition, when your IT department has to safely cascade or dispose of a system, RDM software can also enable the secure deletion of a system's hard disk data.

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