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LANDesk® Management Suite 8 for ThinkVantage® Technologies

'Mission Control' for client management and ThinkVantage Technologies

The Lenovo-exclusive LANDesk Management Suite 8 for ThinkVantage Technologies is a comprehensive, integrated management console optimised for desktop and notebook client management, and integrated with Lenovo's acclaimed ThinkVantage Technologies to provide best-in-class PC lifecycle management capabilities.
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What's New!
Integrated management solution that includes:
  • ThinkVantage Technologies management
  • Asset management
  • Software distribution
  • Device discovery
  • Inventory management
  • System migration
  • Image deployment
  • Remote control
  • Software license monitoring
  • Extensive reporting
  • Executive dashboard

Providing management for all businesses, LANDesk Management Suite 8 for ThinkVantage Technologies offers solutions for customers wanting a fully managed environment. It combines the traditional LANDesk capabilities of asset management, software distribution, system migration, image deployment, and remote control, with the capabilities of Lenovo's exclusive ThinkVantage technologies to provide industry leading features in a systems management console solution.

Automate systems management
LANDesk Management Suite 8 for ThinkVantage Technologies enables IT professionals to automate systems management tasks and proactively control, update and protect desktops, and mobile devices.

ImageUltra Services are available through the Lenovo Imaging Technology Center. We can recommend a customised plan for rolling out ImageUltra and do the imaging work for you.

No management solution is more complete, integrated and easy to use with your Think clients. LANDesk Management Suite 8 for ThinkVantage Technologies helps increase enterprise efficiency, enabling IT staff to:

  • Maintain security and keep up with patches and updates
  • Efficiently install and maintain software on the desktop
  • Decrease software licensing costs and respond to audits
  • Reduce the cost of helpdesk support
  • Manage physical, contractual and financial assets
  • Migrate users and their profiles to new operating systems
  • Enables easy deployment of ThinkVantage Technologies
  • Centrally manage deployed ThinkVantage Technologies

Exclusive Features
ThinkVantage Technologies enhancements added to the LANDesk Management console:

Install and monitor usage of ThinkVantage Technologies

Rescue and RecoveryT:
  • Manage Rescue and Recovery configurations as well as remotely initiate a backup or recovery
  • Create and distribute packages, manage configurations and track results of Antidote Delivery Manager
  • Vulnerability detection if Rescue and Recovery is not active
Access ConnectionsT:
  • Launch Access Connection Admin Console
  • Create and distribute Access Connections Profiles
ImageUltraT Builder:
  • Launch IUB Builder to build and manage IUB images
  • Deploy IUB images
Secure Data DisposalT:
  • Remotely launch and log Secure Data Disposal activity
Productivity Center:
  • Deploy Productivity Center custom updates
System Migration AssistantT:
  • Create and deploy System Migration Assistant profiles
  • Distribute ThinkVantage and System updates thru LANDesk patch management service
  • Take advantage of your new Intel® Active Management Technology (IAMT) enabled ThinkCentre® desktop systems (select M Series models)

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Offerings and additional information

LANDesk Inventory Manager for ThinkVantage Technologies
Landesk Inventory Manager helps companies take control of IT assets through extended asset tracking, compliance monitoring and maintenance planning. A unified asset repository brings asset information together so you can change raw data into business intelligence:

  • Discover networked computing devices
  • Automatically maintain detailed hardware and software inventories including ThinkVantage-unique information
  • Gather and track custom data
  • Monitor software usage to reduce licensing costs and maintain compliance
  • Plan upgrades and maintenance
  • Quickly respond to audits

LANDesk Enterprise Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies
LANDesk Enterprise Suite includes and builds on LANDesk Management Suite, LANDesk Security Suite and LANDesk Inventory Manager. This powerful systems management solution is capable of commanding large and diverse IT environments. It includes these modules and features:

  • LANDesk Management Suite for ThinkVantage Technologies
  • LANDesk Security Suite:
    • Includes LANDesk Patch Manager
    • Includes 1 Year Subscription
  • LANDesk Server Manager
  • LANDesk Handheld Manager
  • LANDesk System Manager
  • LANDesk Asset Manager
  • 1 Year Enterprise Maintenance Agreement

LANDesk Handheld Manager
LANDesk Handheld Manager features the tools your enterprise needs to increase efficiency, save time, reduce costs, establish standards and ensure your mobile workforce has access to the handheld applications they need.

It uses proven LANDesk management technologies that are optimised for the low-speed, intermittent connections characteristic of handheld devices. You gain the power to provide enterprise-level support to all your mobile devices with:
  • Asset management
  • Efficient software distribution
  • Bandwidth optimisation

For availability and purchase information, or information about additional service offerings, please contact your Lenovo sales representative or Lenovo Business Partner.

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