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ThinkVantage® ImageUltraT Builder

Build a software image

Imaging technology designed to simplify the creation and distribution of corporate images and reduce image technology maintenance to virtually zero.
ImageUltraT Builder
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What's New!
  • Improved performance and enhanced control options for OEM ultra-portable image modules
  • Increased support for many of the newest ThinkCentre® and ThinkPad® systems, including some recent models that may already be deployed in customer locations
In today's complex computing environment, deploying, managing and supporting multiple software images on multiple PCs consume time and resource. ImageUltra, a ThinkVantage technology can help enterprises save time and money and stay productive by allowing you to deploy fewer images-often only one-across your enterprise. According to a Technology Business Research study, ImageUltra can deliver deployment savings in excess of 50% while significantly reducing deployment time.

This patent-pending technology combines multiple languages, applications and operating systems* into a single hard drive image. ImageUltra technology:

  • Helps reduce or eliminate need for manual application installation, hardware testing and support
  • Streamlines PC deployment by reducing number of images to create and manage
  • Helps reduce custom image churn due to hardware changes
  • Simplifies support for easier deployments
  • Compatible with LANDesk® Management Suite 8 for ThinkVantage Technologies

ImageUltra builder
ImageUltra Builder and ImageUltra Services
ImageUltra Builder is a do-it-yourself software tool that allows you to manage your image in-house. You can use ImageUltra Builder to support both Lenovo and other Windows® based clients.

ImageUltra Services are available through the Lenovo Imaging Technology Center. We can recommend a customized plan for rolling out ImageUltra and do the imaging work for you.
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Large enterprise
Simplify image management in your large enterprise
Instead of having to define, create, distribute and support multiple image combinations, ImageUltra allows you to roll out a single software image on every enabled machine in the enterprise. This technology makes it simple to work with a variety of operating systems, languages, computers and group applications.

ImageUltra technologies
  • HIIT intelligently picks the right hardware device drivers and Microsoft® Windows® operating system-level options to be installed on your new IBM systems.
  • DOE allows your IT organization to consolidate Microsoft Windows operating system variations and languages into one master image.
  • SDA technology allows you to limit the number of images required by enabling you to consolidate and manage different images and applications across platforms in the company.
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