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ThinkVantage® Client Security Solution

Security made simple

This unique hardware-software combination helps protect your company information, including vital security information like passwords, encryption keys and electronic credentials, while helping to guard against unauthorised user access to data.
ThinkPad vault
This level of security is critical for both desktop and notebook systems. In fact, you cannot get a higher level of security as a standard feature on a PC from any other manufacturer.

What's New!
  • Active Directory support for seamless configuration and management support
  • Completely new and easier to use password manager with broader browser support, auto-recognise/fill and per-site security policies
  • Multi-factor support and policy manager for improved security
  • Updated fingerprint reader software with integrated tutorial

ThinkVantage Client Security Solution helps turn your computer into a highly protected vault. Available preloaded or by download for all ThinkPad® notebooks and ThinkCentre® desktops, it provides advanced technology for user authentication plus enhanced security for wired and wireless networking.

To further enhance security, select ThinkPad and ThinkCentre systems also include an embedded chip called the Trusted Platform Module (TPM). ThinkVantage Client Security Solution works in conjunction with this chip to manage encryption keys and processes.

The TPM itself is isolated from the operating system using patented tamper-resistant technology. To initialise the TPM, users or administrators simply download the Client Security Solution and run a single setup wizard to install the software and create a set of master encryption keys.

With new Active Directory integration, IT administrators gain significant flexibility and control over how CSS works in the customer environment. From logon to password manager, IT gets tremendous flexibility to deploy and enforce policies and customisation options.

Security encoding
Security made easy
The Client Security Software wizard helps simplify installation and setup and includes a set of predefined security settings, allowing you to select the best suited to your needs. For enterprise customers, script-driven silent installations can facilitate large deployments and are complemented by the ability to push policies to clients from a central server.
  • Simplify passwords: The Client Security Password Manager replaces multiple passwords with one easy-to-remember password or fingerprint (requires an optional fingerprint reader device), thereby reducing password reset calls to the help desk.
  • Reset forgotten passwords: Users can pre-configure personal questions for this purpose. If the user later forgets his Power On password, Hard Drive password or Windows password, he can click a button, answer his pre-configured personal questions and CSS will reset his forgotten password, require a new password, and enable the user to log on.
  • Simplify encryption: "On-the-fly" file and folder encryption saves you time by automatically encrypting files and helping to protect data from unauthorised access.

Client network
Flexible security
Client Security Solution supports the use of a password, a passphrase or a fingerprint as authentication credentials for access to protected data. Where central management is an important requirement, Client Security Solution can be integrated into a Windows Domain Services management model. If very sensitive data must be protected on a PC, the customer can create policies that force multi-factor authentication. and can integrate Client Security Solution with best-of-breed data encryption solutions.

Client Security Solution includes Utimaco Private Disk Personal Edition so users can automatically lock valuable data with file and folder encryption. The size of the "disk volume" to be encrypted can be set by IT staff or controlled by the user. Only verified users can unlock the encrypted data, so sensitive information is better protected should a computer be stolen. For users interested in protecting all the data on their computer, full hard drive encryption is also available from Lenovo with Utimaco SafeGuard Easy. (Availability varies by country.)

Enhanced security for both wired and wireless
Client Security Solution provides enhanced security for both wired and wireless networks. In both cases, the Client Security Solution and TPM ensure data confidentiality and availability by providing a hardware- and software-based architecture to provide better protection for sensitive keys, identity information and confidential data. Further, for wireless networks, the TPM hardware provides enhanced authentication and session confidentiality by concealing authentication credentials for industry-standard 802.1x protocols and Cisco LEAP.

Advance security
Advanced protection for your digital identity
By requiring an advanced means of authentication for your system-what you know (a passcode), what you have (using optional solutions such as a token) or who you are (biometric scan, such as a fingerprint)-you can help keep your digital identity and data more secure. The Client Security Solution and TPM store and enable user authentication through integrated hardware rather than in the software or memory, both of which are more vulnerable to unauthorised users. It also provides additional protection for digital IDs used for e-business transactions and network access.

The ThinkVantage Client Security Solution is certified RSA SecurID-ready for remote access protection, and can function as an RSA SecurID authenticator. As a result, mobile users can employ cost-efficient SecurID software tokens and carry one less piece of equipment on the road-without sacrificing security or budget.

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