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ThinkVantage® Access Connections™

Speed dial the network

Avoid support costs by allowing users to seamlessly switch between wired and wireless environments, managing security settings, printers, home page and other location-specific settings automatically.
Access Connections
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What's New!
  • Supports integrated Wireless WAN and PC Card adapters for Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess, Vodaphone and Cingular services
Very few of us today sit at our desks all day. If we're not traveling across the country we're traveling across campus or moving to a conference room. And getting connected in the office, at home, in the dorm or at a coffee shop, airport or hotel can be very challenging.

This is where ThinkVantage Access Connections can help. Its connectivity solutions go far beyond those provided by the operating system alone. Microsoft® Windows® XP Zero Configuration and other configuration utilities simply do not have the same breadth of hardware coverage and related networking/Internet settings.

After you save the basic settings for your various profiles, here are some of the ways Access Connections can help you get - and stay - connected:
  • Automatically manages your basic network connections, even if you use static and dynamic IP addresses in different locations.
  • Manages your printing by automatically reassigning the Microsoft Windows default printer to match your location, so you can quickly get your printout on your preferred printer.
  • Automatically adjusts your network configuration to match the IT needs of each location. For example:
    • At what locations do you need to use a Virtual Private Network, or any other application?
    • When do you need File and Printer Sharing, Internet Sharing and Internet Connection Firewall enabled or disabled?
    • Do you need a proxy server for browsing, or do you need to change your Internet Explorer homepage?
    • What about other connection choices such as wireless WAN (cellular), modem or Bluetooth® wireless technology?

Once your profiles are created, getting connected is simply a matter of selecting a profile and letting Access Connections do the rest. Even when you move between a WLAN and a wired LAN, Access Connections is smart enough to make the appropriate connection. Access Connections takes the hassle out of "getting connected" whether you're an individual PC user or a network administrator.

Access Connections also is designed for easy administration. A network administrator can build unique "Connectivity Profiles" for any location (home, office, travel), for any network adapter (WLAN, WAN, Ethernet, and Bluetooth wireless), and in any combination. These profiles can then be remotely deployed, greatly simplifying the task. Remote deployment of Access Connections profiles can now be carried out by any file distribution and management capability including LANDesk® Management Suite 8 for ThinkVantage Technologies.

Access Connections works with Microsoft Windows XP and 2000 and is conveniently installed on all new ThinkPad® notebooks.

Manage your security through Access Connections
Manage your security through Access Connections
Access Connections gives you a one-stop interface so you can manage your connectivity and wireless security settings in one program; there is no need to run another utility. For example, if your ThinkPad notebook is equipped with 11a/b/g Wi-Fi wireless, you will be able to choose between no security, Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) encryption, 802.1x (EAP-TLS) authentication, Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or Cisco® LEAP.

Get the most convenient secure wireless computing
Get the most convenient secure wireless computing
The Integrated Fingerprint Reader, available on select ThinkPad models, can also be used for wireless authentication. You can use this convenient biometric solution as a replacement for a logon password. So for example, if you wanted to use your fingerprint instead of a LEAP password to get on to your secure wireless network, Access Connections would work in conjunction with our fingerprint software to make it happen.

Simplify the deployment of wireless networking
Simplify the deployment of wireless networking
Access Connections makes it easy to establish networking configurations which can be deployed in the large enterprise environment. Administrators can now deploy wireless security settings safely and easily with the Profile Deployment features of Access Connections.
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