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Your Security, Our Priority

Reduce Security Risks Through Consolidating Your Purchases

For many IT organizations, the need to be efficient is critical as resources have become scarce. Using Lenovo as a single-source supplier helps provide improved security and a more efficient deployment for IT. Lenovo systems are designed with key security solutions already installed, and provide a consistent and secure platform for end-user computing.

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Security is a top priority for state and local governments, and you just can’t afford public scrutiny or controversy. That’s why Lenovo offers leading security tools on our all of our Think products – from tablet PCs and laptops to desktops and workstations.

Keeping Government Data Safe

SecureDoc for state and local government customers is a complete Full-Disk Encryption (FDE) solution that delivers software-based encryption for end-point devices running on Windows, Mac or even the Linux operating system. It provides the ability to enable sector-based full-disk, file-and-folder, container, and self-extractor encryption.

Our featured Computrace theft-management solution allows you to remotely delete data after theft or emergency, wipe a disk clean before reissuing a PC or use forensic tools to identify files accessed on a stolen PC. Anti-Theft technology works together with Computrace software, letting you deactivate stolen or lost PCs remotely and event track the movement of a stolen device.

End-User Security: Simplify identity checks and provide a more secure alternative to passwords with built-in fingerprint readers.

ThinkVantage® Technology: Significantly reduce your IT costs while ramping up security and protection with these exclusive ThinkVantage solutions:

  • Client Security Solution offers advanced user authentication technology plus enhanced security for wired and wireless networking.
  • Secure Data Disposal lets you easily erase confidential information on disk drives at the end of a PCs lifecycle.
  • Active Protection System can detect sudden hardware acceleration such as a dropped laptop and temporarily park your hard drive to protect valuable data.