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Lenovo Services for smarter government computing

  • Lenovo experts save time, money, and frustration
  • Managed deployment services for faster and easier IT setup
  • Warranty options that meet your readiness needs
  • Green, secure, and compliant disposal of assets and data

Think beyond purchase costs

Dependable Lenovo products are the foundation of better digital government. Expert Lenovo services give you the added insight and expertise you need to meet the challenges of modernizing IT processes and systems while managing costs and improving infrastructure efficiency. From critical pre-purchase decisions to comprehensive device lifecycle support, Lenovo services help you get the most for your technology dollars.

Explore a new way of thinking about PC purchase costs.

Strategic decisions: Building better government IT

With budget pressure forcing agencies to maximize device lifecycle, keeping your infrastructure and endpoints up to date is a constant challenge, especially in the face of increased demand for services from the public. Procurement faces tough decisions about infrastructure upgrades and migrations, and Lenovo specialists are up to the challenge.

  • Low stress, low touch migration and OS upgrades
  • Hardware and platform standardization and stabilization
  • Infrastructure assessment and planning
See for yourself how Lenovo helps agencies speed through upgrades.

Financial flexibility: Leasing services

When IT needs outpace IT budgets, agencies need alternatives. Leasing frees agencies from worries about political decisions and other factors that stand in the way of much needed investments in upgrades, modernization and innovation. Lenovo Financial Services experts can design government-friendly leases that help you stretch your precious IT dollars.

  • Municipal leases offer non-appropriation action
  • Fair market value leases let you pay for only what you use
  • Leasing spreads out the cost of asset ownership
Extend agency IT capabilities with alternative financing options from Lenovo.

Managed deployment: Deploy smarter with Lenovo

The costs and complexities of rolling out new technology can quickly add up. From pre-deployment imaging and management to asset tagging and laser etching, Lenovo services for state and local government can manage these critical tasks before or during the rollout process, giving your IT staff time to focus on more important work. This also shortens deployment timelines, putting critical technology to work faster.

  • Reduce variable unpredictable costs
  • Custom image loads at factory
  • Integrated asset tagging and laser etching
Improve PC tracking ability, reduce loss and theft.

Superior real world protection:
Extend your warranty for worry-free operations

Lenovo designs and manufactures for reliability first, and our products have among the industry’s lowest repair rates. This gives you unprecedented performance you can depend on, minimizing downtime costs and complications while keeping users productive. Protect your investment with additional Lenovo warranty and repair options for government-grade dependability.

  • Next Business Day and Onsite warranty repair options
  • Priority technical support for high-value assets
  • Accidental Damage Protection for real-world protection from drops and spills