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Greener. Sooner.
A Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

Move faster towards compliance with important sustainability mandates with Lenovo’s greener technology. Our commitment to a light ecological footprint extends across our products, services, and solutions. While specifics vary by product, we’re proud of the progress we’re making creating energy efficient computers and laptops.

  • Sustainable manufacturing with post-consumer recycled plastics and less toxic raw materials
  • Certified efficiency with ENERGY STAR, Goldstar, EPEAT®, GreenGuard, TCO and VESA certifications
  • Innovative green power management features
  • Responsible disposal services
  • Even if you’re only worried about controlling cost, green has something for you too: all of our products meet or exceed major global standards for energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency, Everyday Computing

The U.S. ENERGY STAR program’s performance ratings set the standard for product energy efficiency. Lenovo is proud to offer a full complement of ENERGY STAR, Goldstar, EPEAT®, GREENGUARD, TCO and VESA qualified notebooks, desktop computers, workstations, servers, monitors, and accessories. In addition to our certifications, other Lenovo innovations reduce power consumption (and cost):

  • Smarter processors dynamically throttled down power consumption when possible
  • More efficient hard drives require less power to run and cool
  • Longer battery life on portables

Cleaner Manufacturing

Lenovo is committed to materials and processes that reduce our manufacturing’s impact on natural resources and the environment, including External auditing of greenhouse gases (GHG) and product carbon footprint (PCF) and Global leadership in the use of post-consumer content (PCC) – with more than 73 million pounds of PCC materials used since 2005.

Dedicated to Corporate Responsibility

Lenovo knows that sustainability must be a global priority, and we are proud of our participation and leadership in industry working groups and other private-public efforts. The independent research institute Oekom Research AG has recognized our commitment, awarding Lenovo its “Prime” Corporate Rating in praise of our responsibility towards sustainability. More importantly, we are proud that our products and services are powering greener and smarter ways of working around the world.