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Principles and Practices

Integrity and ethical standards
It is Lenovo's policy to conduct itself ethically and fairly in relation to its suppliers and all others with whom Lenovo does business.


Lenovo's goal is to buy goods and services that have the best prices, quality, delivery and technology. Lenovo has a policy against reciprocal buying arrangements, as those arrangements can interfere with this goal.


Lenovo considers its business relationships with each of its suppliers and potential suppliers to be a private matter between the two parties. Lenovo will treat information received from suppliers in a responsible fashion, and expects suppliers to treat information received from Lenovo in the same manner. Further, Lenovo does not wish to receive from a supplier any information which is considered to be confidential in nature unless the supplier and Lenovo have entered into a confidential disclosure agreement that covers such information.


Lenovo does not knowingly infringe the patent rights of others. Conversely, Lenovo requires patent indemnification on all procured materials. Lenovo will discuss ideas or inventions with outside individuals and, where necessary, will contract for the development of special products. In all such cases, appropriate contractual arrangements must be made in advance.


Supplier diversity program
Lenovo maintains a commitment to ensure a diverse supplier base. It is our policy to provide opportunities in all areas of Lenovo's procurement, marketing and contracting activities to people of different ethnic origins, women, people with disabilities, etc.


Gifts and gratuities
Lenovo employees and members of their families may not solicit or accept gratuities from suppliers or prospective suppliers. Only gifts of $25 or less can be accepted by employees.


Business meals and entertainment
Lenovo employees who deal with suppliers may accept customary business amenities such as meals and entertainment, provided the expenses involved are kept at a reasonable level and are not prohibited by law or known supplier business practices. Lenovo employees are expected to reciprocate and share these costs equally over time.


Appropriate conduct on Lenovo premises
All individuals on Lenovo premises are expected to engage in appropriate conduct and behave in a business-like manner. Examples of inappropriate conduct are being under the influence of or affected by alcohol; use of illegal drugs; use of a controlled substance, except for approved medical purposes; possession of a weapon of any sort; and/or harassment threats or violent behavior.

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