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Core Values

Lenovo Procurement embodies those core values of customer service, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, accuracy and truth-seeking, trustworthiness and integrity that the company and all its divisions hold to the highest esteem.


Customer Service
Vigorously seek a full understanding of the capabilities, wants and needs of the entire supply chain: Lenovo's customers, our internal clients, our suppliers and our suppliers' suppliers. Actively articulate both Lenovo's and our suppliers' viewpoints, and facilitate communication at all levels and functions.


Innovative and Entrepreneurial Spirit
Continually seek to improve and never be satisfied with anything less than a competitive advantage in technology, price, quality delivery, responsiveness, speed and efficiency.


Accuracy and Truth-seeking
Firmly believe in and insist upon, true cross-functional participation to ensure our business decisions are based on carefully understood facts.


Trustworthiness and Integrity
Ensure both Lenovo and suppliers keep the letter and spirit of all agreements. Build long-term relationships with suppliers based on trust, honesty and candor. Never compromise Lenovo's overall best interests in the pursuit of local or divisional interests. Expect teamwork, integrity, respect and excellence from each other.

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