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Product Content Restrictions and Packaging Requirements

Environmental Product Content Restrictions

Baseline Environmental Requirements for Materials, Parts and Products, 41A7731

RoHS/REACH Engineering Specification, 41A7733

Lenovo Guide to Full Material Disclosures (Version 2)

Lenovo Supplier Material Self-Declaration

REACH: SVHC Disclosure

Packaging Requirements

Wooden Packaging - Material Selection, Treatment, and Marking Requirements, 41A0609

Expanded Packaging Materials - Prohibited Expansion Agents, 41A0610

Packaging Materials, Environmental Requirements, 41A0612

Recyclable Packaging Materials - Selection and Identification, 41A0613

Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) Packaging, 41A0615

OEM/ODM Packaging Requirements, 45J5388

Packaging Specification – Packaging Process Checklist, 45J5386

Packaging Specification – Packaging Cosmetic Requirements, 45J5387

Lenovo Accessory Packaging Requirements SP10K18835

Logistics Packaging & Labeling Requirements

Lenovo Logistics Packaging Labeling Guideline

Container Loading Rule

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