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Global Labeling Guides

Objective: The objective of the Global Labeling project is to standardize all Lenovo shipping labels, product packing lists and product package labels with regard to appearance and content. The guides apply to the following Geographies: Americas, EMEA, AP. Labeling standards for Lenovo China products are not included in these guides.

Volume 1
PN 41U2997
Volume 2
PN 41U2998
Volume 3
PN 41U2999
Shipping Labels (Mar 2011)
Volume 4
PN 41U3000
AoD / PoD (Feb 2006)
Volume 5
PN 41U3001
Part Labels (Feb 2006)
Volume 6
PN 41U3002
Volume 7
PN 41U3003
Volume 8
PN 41U3004


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