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Why Windows XP Presents Compliance and Risk Managment Nightmares in 2014
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Windows XP End of Support
is here…

  • Are you ready?
  • Have you evaluated the risk of staying with Windows XP?
  • Do you need help building a business case to upgrade?

Our Solutions Center provides all of the information you need to develop an action plan with Lenovo.

Identifying the specific security threats
from Windows XP after End of Support

Get the big-picture on Windows XP End of Support, and determine how it will affect your organization. Use this infographic to quickly identify impending threats and their impact.


  • Peripheral vulnerabilities
  • Systems weaknesses
  • Degree of risk
  • And more…
Check your vulnerability.

Windows XP End of Support: A nightmare looming
for IT groups everywhere

The negative consequences of continuing to use Windows XP in enterprise environments is clear, including severe IT security risks and compliance issues. These three aspects comprise the primary risk factors for continued Windows XP use:

  • Technology risks
  • Corporate liability/compliance risks
  • Cost risks

Use this white paper to help identify your risks and begin to plan your migration strategy.

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Migrate from Windows XP quickly and effectively

Download this checklist, Lenovo Solutions for Quick and Effective Migration from Windows XP, to get started on a three-phase plan that can help you complete your migration through:

  • Planning, including hardware and application assessments, and image customization
  • Deployment, minimizing network load and automated data migration
  • Operation, employing In-Place Migration to manage hardware and software, plus licensing and utilization

Your successful migration depends on advanced preparation. Lenovo Migration Services are here to help.

Download your checklist.

Discussing Windows XP End of Support with management

Learn how to frame key issues exacerbated by Windows XP End of Support in terms your management team understands. Gain insight into critical areas that management will respond to, including facts, figures and analysis on:

  • Known security vulnerabilities that will no longer be addressed
  • End of 3rd-party security & software vendor support
  • Sky-rocketing costs of support
Make your case for migration now.