Lenovo Services: An IT Game Changer

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Empower IT to be Strategic

Lower IT costs and improve end-user satisfaction by:

  • Scaling up to handle increased workloads
  • Automating system deployment
  • Reducing the burden on your IT processes

Leveraging services to maximize
end-user satisfaction

This guide maps the lifecycle of a typical desktop or laptop PC, to the tasks that most benefit from the scale, automation, and process that Lenovo Services offers. Assess how you can use external services to complement your internal resources to maximize efficiency and provide the best possible end-user computing experience for your employees.

From strategy through procurement, deployment to operations, support to PC end of life, identify your greatest opportunities to improve satisfaction and efficiency through Lenovo Services.

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Comparing the resource cost of routine tasks
versus the benefits of 3rd party services

Routine tasks consume more than 80% of an IT department’s resources, removing their focus from strategic initiatives and leading to dissatisfaction among IT professionals and the internal customers they support. By identifying and outsourcing the common and repetitive tasks your IT team faces, you can realize substantial cost savings while improving your time-to-completion. This provides a more strategic use for your critical IT resources and creates happier end-users.

Learn how your organization can benefit from Lenovo Services by exploring three of the most common IT procedures in this comparison guide.

  • Migration from Windows® XP to Windows® 7 or Windows 8
  • Deployment of a new Windows PCs or tablets
  • Managing software images
Learn how your IT team can start realizing greater efficiency and lower costs today.

Scale, automation, and process:
Utilize 3rd party services to maximize IT efficiency

Most IT organizations find their resources are mired in tactical and mundane operations that sap precious manpower from strategic initiatives. Learn how to leverage Lenovo Services to manage the most routine tasks in supporting end-user computing, with:

  • Scale: Scale-driven services allow an IT organization to “piggyback” on the service provider’s large-scale assets and business activities
  • Automation: Automation-centric services enable fast ROI or efficiency gains by providing a service for automating specific tasks
  • Process: Process-driven services derive value from the efficiency of the overall process, reducing time to completion, and demanding fewer resources
Explore this white paper to learn more about how Lenovo can help you leverage your resources for strategic IT initiatives.