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Design at the speed of business with Lenovo

  • Workstations featuring NVIDIA Kepler architecture
  • Certified for all major CAD applications
  • Built for high-performance from the ground up

Software upgrades boost performance,
but can your hardware keep up?

Lenovo and NVIDIA surveyed more than 600 CAD/CAM professionals to identify key concerns, benchmark software and hardware usage and upgrade frequency, and identify barriers to success. Explore this infographic to find their answers to questions like:

  • How often do you upgrade your software?
  • Do upgrades result in performance gains?
  • What kinds of hardware / devices do you use?
  • How often do you upgrade your hardware?
  • What risks do you face when upgrading?
Use this benchmark survey to evaluate your own readiness for an upgrade and build a business case to make it happen today.

Technology Business Review reports that Lenovo’s ThinkStations are 26% more reliable than the competition

Workstations are the engines that power many companies’ most critical functions. A loss of a single operating workstation can cost thousands of dollars in lost productivity every day it is down! This TBR study provides the proof points you need to support replacing your older workstations and desktops with the industries’ most reliable tools – Lenovo’s ThinkStation.

TBR's study shows:

  • Competing workstations from other major brands had an average failure rate of 7.6% in the first three years of ownership
  • Lenovo workstations failed 26% less than the competition which correlates to the productivity of key employees being disrupted less when they use Lenovo
  • With Lenovo ThinkStations you have more reliable productivity over a longer period of time
Get the study and build your case for a Lenovo workstation now.

CAD/CAM Workstations: A Purchase Checklist

CAD/CAM workstations are a big investment for any size organization. Lenovo’s Purchase Checklist can help you reduce your total cost of ownership by purchasing the right hardware to align with your business goals and end-user requirements.

Use this checklist to:

  • Ensure maximum ROI
  • Select the right workstation for the right job
  • Verify that you spec a workstation with staying power
Start building your case for a workstation upgrade.

Lenovo: Certified for all the major CAD applications

The integration and synergy between hardware and software is a critical requirement in the workstation industry. When it comes to delivering workstation solutions suitable for designers, it takes more than simply hitting benchmark numbers.

One of the most important activities a workstation vendor can undertake to deliver better support and user experiences for CAD software is to certify their hardware platforms for use with a specific software product.

Download this white paper to learn about the process by which Lenovo's broad line of workstations is certified to run with all major CAD software packages.