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CAD Software 2014 vs 2011: New functions demand higher performance
The Use Case and ROI Analysis of Mobile Workstations
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Boost CAD productivity: Upgrade with a new Lenovo workstation

  • Faster: Lenovo workstations feature NVIDIA® Kepler® architecture to efficiently handle the most demanding projects
  • Better: Certified with all major CAD applications so you can be sure of high performance
  • Mobile: Durable mobile workstations so you can take designs on the road

Recent CAD/CAM application updates demand workstation upgrades

With this checklist, compare current requirements of popular CAD/CAM applications to specifications of last generation and current Lenovo workstations to understand why it’s time to upgrade.

A good rule of thumb is that the size of most 3D models doubles every two to three years. If your workstation performance is starting to lag, check into key upgrade indicators with this detailed checklist.

The secret to choosing the best workstation
for your team

Lenovo experts Rick Rudd and Tom Salomone dive into the details of picking the right workstations for your team, to run your applications and drive the highest possible ROI. This webinar will help you:

  • Learn tips and tricks from processor speed to disk drive selection
  • Discover how to configure systems for high performance without a high price tag
  • Explore top trends that are shifting the way workstations are used
Optimize your workstation configuration for the unique applications and needs of your end-users today.

Software upgrades boost performance,
but can your hardware keep up?

Lenovo and NVIDIA surveyed more than 600 CAD/CAM professionals to identify key concerns, benchmark software and hardware usage and upgrade frequency, and identify barriers to success. Explore this infographic to find their answers to questions like:

  • How often do you upgrade your software?
  • Do upgrades result in performance gains?
  • What kinds of hardware / devices do you use?
  • How often do you upgrade your hardware?
  • What risks do you face when upgrading?
Use this benchmark survey to evaluate your own readiness for an upgrade and build a business case to make it happen today.

Is it time to replace your desktop PC with a workstation?

More than a 1/3 of design professionals run CAD applications on a traditional desktop – sacrificing productivity for perceived cost-savings. The reality is that the time-on-task for your design team is worth much more then the minimal savings found in utilizing a desktop PC. Make the case to upgrade with:

  • Side-by-side performance and cost analysis
  • Annualized cost / savings comparison models
  • Software certification guides

Each desktop you replace can save your team more than 300 hours per year in productivity.

Find out how you can save more than 300 hours per year in productivity by replacing a single desktop with a Lenovo workstation.

Can you design an airplane on the airplane?

With Lenovo mobile workstations now you can explore how the demands of CAD professionals are changing pulling them out of their office or design lab and onto the road to meet with distributed teams, present concepts around the world, and work from anywhere. Lenovo’s detailed analysis of these use cases highlights the power and the ROI a Lenovo mobile workstation can bring to your team:

  • Detailed ROI comparisons
  • Review of new mobile use cases
  • All the specs on the latest mobile workstations
Improve your team’s performance - cut the desktop leash. Lenovo's mobile workstations maximize productivity from any location.