Maximize your PC ROI

Keep IT infrastructure costs down

Managing an IT infrastructure while keeping costs down can be challenging. For example, the cost of supporting a PC increases significantly three years after purchase according to a study from Intel. Planning ahead of time to refresh PCs, helps avoid wasting dollars on unnecessary patches, compatibility issues, and security threats.

Further, the type of PC you purchase can make a difference in what you pay over the lifetime of the computer. Lenovo’s PC Lifecycle Engagement research shows that purchase price only represents about 20% of the total cost of ownership. Safety and theft is another concern. A recent study estimated the fully-burdened cost of a single laptop to be nearly $50,000.

Lenovo PCs help you significantly reduce operation costs. From deployment to disposal, our ThinkVantage Technologies (TVTs) help manage computers while reducing costs across every stage of the PC lifecycle.

Our ThinkPlus Services can provide everything from Warranties to Priority Support, for added savings, convenience and peace of mind that your investment is sound.

With Lenovo, you gain a business ally who goes the extra mile to understand your processes. We provide you with the assets and service you need, not just to manage costs, but to save money.