Refresh your PCs at the right time

Optimize your PCs with a 3-year refresh rate

Analysis of Total Cost Ownership (TCO) models from Intel show that the lowest costs comes when PCs are refreshed on a three-year cycle, with savings in the form of energy efficiency, security, productivity, and manageability.

For example, making the transition to Microsoft Windows 7 Professional lets you take advantage of advances in security, networking, remote access and mobility. The new system has fewer interruptions and prompts, and has a faster recovery from problems. Even better, this powerful new operating system lowers support costs – by as much as 55% according to an IDC study. Older operating systems simply cannot compete.

You’ll see even greater value and ROI in the refresh cycle when you choose PCs with 2nd Gen IntelCore Processors with vPro™ Technology. With an average payback period of 10 months and an average ROI of 300% on a 3-year refresh, Intel’s research shows you will demonstrate real value to your organization. Benefits from refreshing with 2nd Gen IntelCore Processors with vPro™ Technology include:

  • Reduction in power consumption with remote power management capabilities
  • Savings on IT support with remote diagnosis and repair features
  • Improved user productivity with less downtime and faster problem resolution
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions due to elimination of IT travel for desk side support
  • Increased accuracy and efficiency in asset management