Answer your I.T. questions

Lenovo simplifies even the most complex IT challenges

IT departments face many challenges. You constantly face the pressure to find creative, cost-effective solutions to your company's technology problems while focusing on what is mission critical.

Whether you are making the transition to Microsoft Windows 7 or refreshing your fleet of PCs, Lenovo provides solutions that reduce costs, improve operational process, enhance service levels and simplify maintenance.

For example, Lenovo's In Place Migration (IPM) toolset automates the migration to Windows 7, enabling IT professionals to move a device to the new OS in as little as 20 minutes. IPM functions as a "virtual vault" to protect user data throughout the migration, eliminating the need to reconstruct it once the migration is complete. Better yet, IPM is a hardware-agnostic migration toolset that lets you move every piece of hardware in the enterprise to Windows 7, not just the Lenovo machines.

With our easy to deploy and manage PCs, services, solutions, and technologies, Lenovo helps you overcome challenges while protecting your IT investment and setting the stage for growth.

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