Migrate to Windows 7

Gain productivity and savings with Windows 7 Professional

Few phrases strike more dread in the hearts of IT managers than the words “system migration.” Here’s some good news: Making the change to Microsoft Windows 7 Professional lowers support costs and improves user productivity. Plus, with innovation designed specifically for the evolving needs of businesses, Windows 7 drives lower total cost of ownership for your PCs.

Why change to Windows 7 now?

A Forrester study entitled, The Total Economic Impact of Windows 7, shows key results for enterprises that have implemented Windows 7:

  • Strong cost/benefit results: Spending $668,000 over a three-year period is expected to deliver $1.5 million in quantified benefits
  • Fast ROI: Payback has been realized within 7.2 months to 12.7 months
  • Significant user productivity gains: 43 additional productive hours for each end user in the enterprise

Windows 7 migration does not resemble the migration of the past. According to Forrester, early adopters’ experiences show that IT labor costs of deploying Windows 7 can be expected to be 45% less than previous operation system adoption efforts. The same study reported as much as a 65% drop in the need for service desk support post-deployment and 55% lower PC/OS support costs.

Plus, moving to Windows 7 allows an enterprise to immediately take advantage of the advances in security, networking, remote access and mobile connectivity.

Enhance your Windows 7 experience with Lenovo

Lenovo Enhanced Experience 2.0 with Windows 7

Lenovo joined forces with Microsoft to create the Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience. This collaboration optimizes the enterprise-computing environment by offering a host of benefits including faster startup and shutdown times. Users will spend less time dealing with malware, downtime, and rebooting. And you will receive fewer support calls in what is a more stable, reliable, and secure computing environment.

Lenovo also offers In Place Migration, a fast and easy way for migrating all your hardware to Windows 7.  Using just one platform-agnostic tool, Lenovo automates the migration process, cutting the time it takes by half and reducing costs by up to 40%.  Our IPM toolset easily accommodates multiple languages and currencies, and migrates all the hardware you have – not just the Lenovo machines.