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Office Warriors

Office Warriors

Lenovo Fits the Demand of Today's Office Workers

Today’s “office warriors” demand more than ever from their computers: power and performance for serious line-of-business applications, and portability to keep step in the fast-paced business environment.

These workers often move all day between cubicles, floors, and office buildings, or opt to work at home where they may connect via the “cloud.” In fact, 82% of employees are increasingly required to access enterprise applications and data while away from their desks according to Forrester Consulting.

Today, your office experts’ need for features such as durability, connectivity and battery life is not much different than those of your field support or sales forces.

Security also is of growing importance. The perception that business information is more secure in or near the home office can make it more vulnerable than the road warrior’s laptop. On top of it all, office warriors need high levels of performance that let them efficiently create the content that drives your business.

Drive Productivity with Lenovo

With mobility, comes productivity. Mobile users are almost an hour a day more productive, according to Forrester Consulting.

Lenovo builds ThinkPad notebooks & Ultrabooks and Tablets to support and may be located anywhere in the building or on the planet. With rock-solid reliability, blazing-fast performance, and boundless portability, we pack productivity, savings, and intelligent features into every laptop we offer.

Whatever your office pros need, Lenovo is a wise investment for your organization.

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