Lenovo® ThinkPad® laptops have been synonymous with mobile efficiency for businesses for the past twenty years. Lenovo consistently makes rugged, reliable, mil-spec tested business machines designed for professionals who want quality mobile devices that allow them to work on the go. Our energy-efficient, state-of-the-art PCs also come with a host of award-winning support and services that reduce maintenance costs and downtime, and keep you productive as you travel.

Intelligently Designed Features

The ThinkPad contains exclusive technology to boost your mobile productivity, along with a build quality that allows you to keep going when others would fail. Thanks to features like a solid body and roll cage, spill-resistant keyboard, shock-proof hard disk drive and protective steel hinges—the ThinkPad proves its worth every day as the most reliable storehouse for all your work.

And the list of innovative features of the ThinkPad goes on:

Roll Cage
A magnesium roll cage protects ThinkPad laptops from shocks, falls and crashes. The new technology has 20% improved strength, resulting in a 50% increase in tolerance for drop-tests.
Steel Hinges
The stainless steel hinges on ThinkPad laptops are designed to withstand 50% more open/close cycles than industry standards.
Shock-mounted Hard Disk Drive
A rubber isolator and metal cage protect the hard disk drives of a ThinkPad from bumps and knocks that may occur in day-to-day usage.
Superior Spill-resistant Keyboard
The keyboard on a ThinkPad is sealed and contained within a tray with special drain holes that drive spills out of the bottom of the system, by-passing electrical components and minimising damage.
ISO Full-size Keyboard
The full-sized 7-row, ergonomic keyboard on the ThinkPad makes typing supremely comfortable. The unmistakable feel exemplifies the quality and performance that has made the ThinkPad a legend among laptops.
Stress Test : ThinkPad LCD

Proven ThinkPad Quality

According to TBRs Large Enterprise Repair Rates Study 2011, Lenovo ThinkPad laptops and ThinkCentre® desktops are the most reliable throughout the ownership lifecycle.
• ThinkPad laptops have up to 16% lower failure rates vs. competitor average, 10% lower than HP and 25% lower than Dell.
• ThinkCentre desktops have up to 28% lower failure rates vs. competitor average, 27% lower than HP and 30% lower than Dell.
This is attributed to high quality components and enhanced durability synonymous with a ThinkPad, such as the roll cage, airbag (accelerometer) and extensive mil-spec testing that go beyond industry standards.

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8 Mil-spec Testing

ThinkPad laptops have to endure a lot before they even reach you. We put them through exacting military spec tests—baking, battering, blistering and blowing them with sand. We fit them with spill-resistant keyboards, a roll cage and shock-mounted hard disk drives, so they can withstand the harshest of working conditions.

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Lenovo Support and Services

Lenovo offers a host of award-winning support and services that ensure safety for your ThinkPad no matter where you are working. Your technical problems are always our top priority. From the free support that's included, to a wide range of warranty upgrades and extensions to protect your top-quality mobile devices—at Lenovo, we take care of your business—both inside and out.

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Priority Technical Support
Makes your priority, our priority. 24x7 priority call routing to advanced-level technicians, electronic incident tracking, rapid response and resolution. (Not available in all regions.)
Warranty Upgrades — On-site and Next Business Day
Maximises PC uptime and productivity by providing convenient, fast repair services at your home or office.
Warranty Extensions (1 to 5 Years Total Duration)
This fixed-term, fixed-cost service helps accurately budget for PC expenses, protect your valuable investment, and potentially lower the cost of ownership over time.
Accidental Damage Protection
Provides coverage for non-warranted damage incurred under normal operating conditions, such as minor spills, drops, or damage to the integrated screen.
Keep Your Drive
Retain your drive if it should happen to fail, giving you the peace of mind to know that your valuable data is secure.
Asset Tagging
Systems come equipped with professional, flexible asset tags based on your exact specifications. PCs are easily identifiable and trackable right out of the box.
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