Mobile productivity is fast becoming essential for all businesses. To keep up with the times, you must be able to carry your work anywhere. Lenovo® has always made ultraportable, business-ready PCs that help businesses stay ahead by staying on the move. As recent research shows, the advantages of mobile productivity are many. So, if you want to adapt mobile technology into your business, Lenovo products are ideal.
Benefits of Staying Mobile:
With professionals using multiple devices throughout the day, business is not restricted to time and place anymore. What's needed is that you stay on top of the game, with mobile devices that help professionals keep up with work, no matter where they are.
Connected mobile devices capable of running powerful business applications quicken processes, even when the work is dispersed across locations. Professionals are able to communicate with each other better, more efficiently, and decision-making happens faster.
Solving internal issues—IT and otherwise—at the earliest is of utmost importance. No business can afford downtime, so it is crucial that your staff is able to come together to solve problems at a short notice. Only mobile devices enable that.
Clients require urgent attention as well, and a mobile device helps you address client needs—be it through e-mail, or a full-on video conference—at the quickest. With Cloud computing and wireless connectivity, everything you need to solve an issue is at your fingertips.
  Customer Satisfaction
By allowing people to stay connected and work together from wherever, mobile devices don't just increase efficiency, they enable quicker resolution to customer issues. This in turn leads to greater customer satisfaction and builds a reputation for you.

Stay Ahead by Staying Mobile
Emerging trends like Bring Your Own Device in workspaces and the enhanced productivity it leads to is evidence that mobile computing for organizations is here to stay. The use of tablets in enterprises has seen an unprecedented rise, but laptops still remain the device of choice.
Why Lenovo?
The answer is simple. Lenovo builds its machines keeping in mind the needs of enterprises. Hence, our products are not only reliable and business-ready, they are also easy to integrate, maintain, upgrade and deploy.
Find out more about how Lenovo devices fit your business needs:
  Mobile Infrastructure
One of the main problems enterprises face is the proper integration of mobile devices into their IT infrastructure. Lenovo PCs adapt easily into your existing system. In fact, Lenovo offers an entire mobile infrastructure, with devices, services, training and support.
  Mobile Devices and Apps
A cutting-edge laptop that is being called the "King of Business Ultrabooks"; a tablet with the power of a full laptop, and access to a thousand productivity-enhancing apps. Lenovo gives you all the tools you need to do business.
  Connectivity Options
3G, Bluetooth®, Wireless, Near Field Communication, and a host of other options empower Lenovo machines to stay connected at all times, around the world. All you have to do is connect in a few clicks.
  Mobile Data Access
With multiple connectivity options and Lenovo Mobile Access, connecting to the stuff you need is never a worry. And then there is Lenovo Cloud Storage, which ensures that all you need is at the same place, whenever you need it.
  Mobile Security
From fingerprint readers to password encryptions, from built-in security checks to software that alerts you of possible threats—Lenovo mobile devices make secure computing an amazing reality.
  Mobile Support
No matter where you are, no matter what the problem is, Lenovo is bound to have a solution for you. Be it in the form of ThinkVantage® Technologies that takes care of problems before you encounter them, or the prompt Priority Technical Support — Lenovo has you covered.

Success Stories:
  • The reliability of the ThinkPad has resulted in greater adoption of laptops throughout our business, enabling our mobile workforce to maintain productivity while traveling.
    – Dwayne Lindner,
    Wesfarmers Insurance

  •  Headwaters Resources' senior executives demanded high performing PCs with the highest levels of reliability and data security. Lenovo supports them with the ThinkPad T Series laptops.