Optimize Your CAD/CAM Performance

The CAD/CAM Performance blog was founded to facilitate conversation and community, a place for designers, engineers and engineering managers alike to share resources, tips, tools, and ideas for  improving the performance of their CAD/CAM applications. We are dedicated to providing vendor-agnostic information and resources on hardware that will help you get more from Solidworks, AutoCAD, Catia, Creo, or NX.

The CAD/CAM Performance blog exists through contributions from our online community and we welcome your thoughts and feedback throughout the site.

Explore Mobility Solutions for Your Business

Here’s the truth: mobile devices are fun, which is partly why tablets have become the hottest accessory around. Consumers have embraced tablets even faster than mobile phones.

TabletsAtWork was founded as an informational resource for companies, agencies, healthcare providers, and educational institutions—anyone looking for advice, resources, and ideas for using tablets in the workplace.Whether you’re an IT manager at a large enterprise or an executive for a small business, we hope TabletsAtWork will help you move toward empowering your mobile workforce.