Alleviate the imaging burden

Cut corporate imaging time and expense in half

A well-executed imaging strategy will help your organization manage costs, standardize and create a consistent computing environment for employees.

Lenovo has the tools you need to simplify the creation and distribution of corporate images and reduce image technology maintenance to virtually zero. Our unique ImageUltra technology combines multiple languages, applications, and operating systems into a single hard drive image. Plus, our studies show that Lenovo Custom Imaging can save your organization an average of $179 per PC.

With Lenovo, you save time and money and stay productive by deploying fewer images – often only one – across your enterprise.

According to a Technology Business Research study, Lenovo’s imaging tools can deliver deployment savings in excess of 50% while significantly reducing deployment time. In addition, Lenovo helps you:

Choose our Standard Imaging Services if you:

Choose our ImageUltra Builder Services if you: