Beware of hidden PC costs

Look beyond purchase price

Independent studies show that  the purchase price of a PC represents only one fourth of its actual cost over the entire lifecycle. The rest of what your organisation spends goes toward acquisition and deployment; securing and protecting the device; managing upgrades of operating and security software; supporting the PC user; and even paying for electricity to run the machine. Lenovo solutions address each of these lifecycle phases.

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Acquire & Deploy

Capture up to 60 percent in savings on your total deployment costs and let your IT staff focus on technology goals that are mission critical with Lenovo’s image development and pre-provision manufacturing services.

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Theft of data and devices drive up IT costs, but Lenovo’s layered approach to security gives you the endpoint security and anti-theft protection you need to keep your company’s data and devices where they belong.

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You could save more than 20 percent on repair costs over three years and reduce replacement costs by as much as 60 percent with Lenovo Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection.

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Manage & Support

Your IT staff fits your budget, but your IT demands are much bigger. You need a plan for managing and supporting PCs and managing your data — no matter the size of your staff. Lenovo can help.